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What’s the big idea?

10th March 2010 by Simon G

Are you always looking for new and different ways of promoting yourself or your business?
Well, look no further – the MOO Ideas Book is here!

If you want to take a slightly larger look at the book, check out The MOO Ideas Book on Issuu and SlideShare, or click the view in fullscreen button on the book.

What is the MOO Ideas Book?

The original “real life” MOO Ideas Book (printed by our friends at Blurb) has been such a smashing success when MOO has been on the road at various events, we thought we’d share it with everyone. The book is full of great ideas from MOO customers (that’s you!) who have used our range of products to create some truly inspiring things.

From Business Cards promoting a new startup, to MiniCards as hang/swing tags or promotional cards. With Postcards as a portfolio for a pitch, Greeting Cards as gifts for a blushing bride or as the perfect ‘thank you’ for your favourite client, and finally StickerBooks as the easiest way of making a standard envelope stand out – the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Oh, and a huge thank you goes out to all of the wonderful MOO customers who gave permission for their images and creativity to be featured in the book.

Comments (30)

  1. melanie:

    Is there a hard copy version of this book available anywhere? I think it’s lovely :)

  2. Simon G:

    The hard copies of the books travel with the MOO Crew to every event we attend. You can always keep up to date with which events we’ll be attending by subscribing to the MOOsLETTER.

  3. Meg:

    Hello! I just found your page and I fell in love with it immediately! I made you a little promo post -> :)

  4. Candace:

    wow – I just received my mini cards for my photography business with all my own photos on them – I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!! So unique, I can’t wait to pass them around!

  5. Matthew Packer:

    The best company I have delt with this us how you run a business
    many thanks moo

  6. Cathy:

    I can’t tell you how cool the violin maker cards I made are for a friend. I love the thickness, color~everything was awesome. Now, I am totally addicted and telling everyone I know about your company.

  7. Ana Telma:

    When i see things like this i wanna print all my photos!! hehehe Great images! Great Ideas! Great book!

  8. sam hicks:

    WOW, love the book, love getting your moo’sletter to see what creative ideas are happing with Moo!
    keep up the good work and keep the mooideas comming!

  9. Sal:

    Wow, Guys – another cracking piece of well observed, thought out and put together piece of work.

    Design and business, together you say? Well Moo – you do it so well!

  10. Carley:

    Fantastic! I love the ideas in there. What a wonderful way to display them all at once. Great work!

  11. Lyn Russo:

    I have given out my Moo mini-cards…and the response has been incredible… I originally ordered 200 in two different styles..and I am almost out!…I will order more this weekend…People love my MINI-CARDS so much, I almost have to LIMIT how many they can have!

  12. Stewart wiggins:

    I received my first set of cards – a set of photos of my daughter as a gift for my wife – last week. Both she and I were astounded at the high quality. The service was excellent too. Be sure I’ll recommend you to others. Keep the wonderful products coming – what else is in the pipeline? Thank you

  13. Mirjam:

    Very nice!

  14. dfn:

    Very nicely made ! I bookmarked the page to get back for inspirations when I need them – a great ressource !
    I was also inspired by Meg above to leave a link for an idea on how I used moos postcards in school to randomly match pupils for pairwork (and do so with style :-)).
    Unfortunately its in German but maybe the slides speak for themselves:


  15. Cheryl Darrow:

    Love your ideas and was wondering if you would mind if we did our own designs, have you print them and then use them on our online videos “Taco Tuesday”? We would give links and credit for people to have their own printing done with you. We are doing a whole wedding series of videos and I would love to include these printing ideas of what we have you do for us. We got our own business cards printed by you for a show and got rave reviews as they were all different. Love your stuff!

  16. Jacqueline:

    I wish you guys had a hard copy of this. The ideas are super and would be great to refrence on the shelf with my other books like this.

  17. kendra:

    will you be making the mini Ideas Book a product option to create? it would be a great option for photographers, illustrators, designers, etc. to showcase their work in a mini-booklet to bring to meetings. just a thought!!

  18. Denise:

    we don’t have a hard copy available for sale at the moment, but it’s possible we will in the future. We’re so pleased with all the positive responses!

    @Cheryl Darrow – that sounds fine, we’d love to see the videos you make!

  19. ohjaygee:

    Hi – want to know if and when moo will ever have the facility or offer the service of printing and binding moo cards into a ‘flipper’ booklet? thanks

  20. Liz May:

    I love to have a hard copy of the moo book, looks great. Though today, I took inspiration and went onto Blurb myself..I am now creating a book I have been wanting to get properly printed for ages…next step..get it published!!! :)

  21. Catrina:

    After seeing the book – I’d like to make one of my own! A book like that would be great to hand out to clients!

  22. Denise:

    Hi @ohjaygee & @kendra – we don’t have that planned at the moment, sadly, no. But, never say never!

  23. julia:

    Can’t figure out where to order the stickers – is it right in front of my face?

  24. Denise:

    Hi Julia, at the moment the stickers are printed and shipped from the UK, so you’ll need to switch to the European store, using the link at the top right of the homepage.

  25. Ester Liquori:

    Hi guys and thank you for the sharing! Me too I’ve made you a promo post, a kind of review of your book. Please find it at

  26. Monika:

    Love it. Love it. Saw you at WPPI and am working on my first order. BTW – What software did you use to create the digital flip book?

  27. Denise:

    Hi Monika, we created the book in InDesign originally, but if you upload PDFs to Issuu, then it will do the ‘flippy magic’ at their end!

  28. Betty:

    These are lovely! How come I can’t be that cleverly crafty? Well done.

  29. Gretchen:

    Seriously guys you think of everything, love it!!!

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