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0.86" x 0.86"
Thick, durable vinyl with a glossy finish

90 stickers $13.00

Mini Stickers. Maxi impact.

  • 0.86" x 0.86" small Stickers
  • Get a pocket-sized book of postage stamp-sized stickers
  • They’re scratch-proof and come in perforated sheets
  • Stick them on any unsuspecting object and ‘POW’ – instant branding

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your corners

Amazing Flexibility
Amazing Flexibility

Choose a snazzy StickerBook design and color, or add your own logo for that personal touch.

Quantity Price per sticker Pack price
90 $0.14 $13.00
180 $0.14 $26.00
270 $0.14 $39.00
360 $0.13 $46.00
450 $0.13 $58.00
540 $0.13 $69.00
720 $0.13 $92.00
900 $0.13 $115.00
1350 $0.12 $165.00
1800 $0.12 $220.00
2250 $0.12 $275.00
2700 $0.12 $330.00
3600 $0.12 $440.00
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Mosaic of multicolored sticker sheets in various shapes and designs on a gray background

Teeny tiny Sticker templates

Use our cute small sticker design templates right out of the box or customize to suit your style.

Printfinity makes every mini sticker unique

Print a different image on every single tiny sticker at no extra cost – up to 90 different designs in a pack.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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White box covered in mini square stickers in various designs

Amazing flexibility

Choose a snazzy StickerBook design and color, or add your own logo for that personal touch.

White envelope closed by a green square sticker and sticker sheet of 6 mini logo stickers

Short print runs

We offer print runs of just 90 custom square Stickers – print what you want as you need it.

Mini Stickers – Inspiration

Go big with tiny Stickers. Explore creative stories and tips to grow your business with Stickers.

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FAQs - StickerBooks

What other Sticker sizes do you offer?

Our Stickers and Labels also come in the following sizes:

How can I create square custom Stickers?

  • Use our unique StickerBook templates
  • Customize a mini Sticker design online
  • Upload a full design

Download a blank template >

What can I use these cute small Stickers for?

Custom square Stickers are the small but mighty way to add a hint of branding to anything you do. Great for logos, call outs, offers, loyalty card stamps, “thank yous” and more.

How soon can I get my small custom Stickers delivered?

In as few as 5 business days.

What are these Stickers made of?

Our tiny custom Stickers are made from thick, durable vinyl with a glossy finish that accentuates color and gives depth – to make images appear more vibrant.

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