Collection of MOO Luxe print materials including premium letterhead, luxury business cards and high quality note cards with a coloured seam

The Luxe Collection

A premium paper collaboration, from Mohawk and MOO.

A premium paper collaboration, from Mohawk and MOO.

8 extra thick business cards with 8 different coloured seams

Luxury. For everyone.

Luxe is our most high-end range (and they start at fancy). It’s the one that took all the premium attributes previously only available to a select few, and made them accessible to everyone. Unparalleled paper quality. A bold block of color. Four extra-thick layers. All fused perfectly together thanks to a patented process, and an obsessed bunch of paper loving experts.

It’s the result of a unique collaboration between MOO and Mohawk – the revered paper makers, located in an historic mill in upstate New York. We’d always been huge fans of their textured, tactile Superfine paper. But what if we could add extra weight to it? After many attempts (and an unhealthy amount of paper pulp chat) we created a new luxury paper stock that we were all proud to share – and that you can be, too.

Four layers. For extra impact.

Like all the best stories, this one is multi-layered. It starts with the finest quality paper – Mohawk Superfine. Renowned for its digital printing consistency, it’s the ideal surface for your design. Next, sandwiched in the middle, there’s a double thick seam of color. Plus one more layer of Superfine for good measure. Then it's ready to be fused together, creating an ultra-thick, luxury card. Four layers. One exclusive stationery collection.

1. Mohawk Superfine paper
2. Two layer seam, with eight exclusive color options
3. Another layer of Mohawk Superfine

Diagram of a MOO Luxe business card made of 2 layers of Mohawk Superfine paper and 2 layers of coloured paper. There are numbers to indicate different layers of paper on the diagram.

Luxe Business Cards

Our finest and thickest cards

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Keep your branding consistent, with our other Luxe products

Collection of MOO Luxe print materials including premium letterhead, luxury business cards, mini cards, and high quality note cards with a coloured seam

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The latest Luxe inspiration

Extra-thick and extra-fancy, MOO's luxury stationery is sure to make a big impression. Get inspired by these sweet designs, inspiring customer stories and tips to grow your business.

Luxe FAQs

How thick are MOO's Luxe Business Cards?

Luxe Business Cards are an impressive 600gsm, that’s twice as thick as MOO's Original stock. For those of you not up on your gsm, that’s pretty much the same thickness as your bank card.

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How can I make my Luxe Business Cards extra special?

Check out our Letterpress Business Cards. They feature a tactile, debossed design on the surface, which brings the already-rich texture of Luxe to the next level.


What makes Luxe so special?

Luxe is exclusive to MOO, and uses a patented technique to fuse four layers of Mohawk Superfine paper together. We also offer short print runs for all Luxe products. Plus, with Printfinity, you can put a different design on the front of every card – at no extra cost.

Can I get a Luxe sample?

Yes. Our Business Card Sample Pack contains a free Luxe sample. Looking for more than just Business Cards? Order a Large Sample Pack to see, touch (and smell) a wider range of premium paper products.

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