Colorful hardcover notebooks

Notebooks & Journals.

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Smooth paper. Custom options. Fancy binding. They make jotting things down a joy.


Colorful Notebooks, ready to fill with your ideas.

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A lightweight Journal for wherever your mind wanders

Limited edition & Notebook Duo

MOO + creative thinkers = creative Notebooks. Get them while you can.

The perpetual planner open with writing

Meet the Perpetual Planner

If a Notebook’s your place to think, the Perpetual Planner is for getting stuff done. Featuring a flexible weekly layout, dateless format and Calendar Clip to keep track of your plans.

Notebook inspiration

Get your fill of notebook inspiration with these creative stories.

Even more good stuff

FAQs – Notebooks and Journals

What MOO Notebook and Journal page types are available?

You can choose from:

How many pages do MOO Notebooks contain?

  • Hardcover Notebooks have 160 pages of Munken Kristall paper and 16 blank colored pages
  • Softcover Journals have 60 pages of Munken Kristall paper and 4 blank colored pages

What is the paper quality of each notebook?

Our high quality notebooks and journals are made with premium paper that’s easy to write on and doesn’t yellow with age:

  • Lined, blank or dotted Munken Kristall paper (100gsm)
  • Blank G . F Smith Colorplan paper (135gsm)

Can I customize your notebooks and journals?

Yes! You can customize the notebook design of:

What notebook sizes do you offer?

Both our Hardcover Notebooks and Softcover Journals are 5.12” x 8.15”.

What Hardcover Notebook colors do you offer?

There are eight Hardcover Notebook colors:

  • Jet Black
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Midnight Blue
  • Wine Red
  • Lime Green
  • Alpine Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Berry Red

What Softcover Notebook colors do you offer?

There’s a choice of six pastel colored notebooks:

  • Mint Green
  • Tan
  • Lavender
  • Steel Blue
  • Pastel Pink
  • Turquoise

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