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MOO Hardcover Notebook

Super sturdy for big ideas

1 Hardcover Notebook $24.00

A tough and tactile Notebook to collect your thoughts

Premium meets practical. Our Hardcover Notebook is made with silky smooth paper and bound with a special Swiss binding so it lays flat – completely, flat as a pancake flat. Made from book cloth, it’s bound to make an impression. Choose a lined or dotted Notebook and start filling it with your ideas, notes and sketches. Our Hardcover Notebook dimensions are 5.12” x 8.15”.

Choose your page count

Choose your color

Choose your page layout

Deconstructed Hardcover Notebook with cloth hard cover, Swiss binding, colored central seam and wayfinding ribbon

A Notebook designed to get you organized

Our Hardcover Notebook mixes premium materials with practical design. Like the smooth, Swedish paper and the “Swiss binding” (which means every page of your MOO Notebook stays flat, and you’re not wrestling with flappy pages).

1. Cloth cover
2. Lay-flat Swiss binding
3. Top sheet
4. 100gsm Munken Kristall paper (lined or dotted)
5. G . F Smith Colorplan paper (blank)
6. Wayfinding ribbon

160 Pages of Luxury
160 Pages of Luxury

160 Pages of Luxury

  • Swedish Munken Kristall paper
  • Lined or dotted pages with a smooth, non-glare writing surface
  • Won't yellow with age
Handy Central Seam
Handy Central Seam

Handy Central Seam

  • 16 pages of G . F Smith color paper
  • Unlined (so doodle away)
  • Helps separate work from play
Tough, Tactile Cover
Tough, Tactile Cover

Tough, Tactile Cover

  • Made from durable book cloth
  • Stands up to backpacks and bags
  • Thick, quality feel
Heavyweight Top Sheet
Heavyweight Top Sheet

Heavyweight Top Sheet

  • Protects the pages inside
  • Textured and thick
  • Keeps everything nice and flat

Hardcover Notebook and Journal inspiration

Turn into a planning wizard through the magic of our Hardback Notebooks.

Even more good stuff

FAQs - Hardcover Notebooks

What size are MOO’s Hardcover Notebooks?

Our hardback Notebooks are 5.12” x 8.15”. Big enough for everyday use, but small enough to carry around with you.

What page options do your Hardcover Notebooks come in?

  • Lined: for small notes and big ideas
  • Dotted: works great as a planner

What paper quality do you use for your hardback notebooks?

Our Hardcover Notebooks feature:

  • 160 pages of 4.5pt Munken Kristall paper
  • 16 pages of 7pt Colorplan paper

What’s the hard cover of the Hardcover Notebook made of?

The Hardcover’s hard cover is made of very strong cardboard, backed with proper book cloth fabric. It makes for a tough notebook that stands up to backpacks and bags, but also feels really nice and tactile.

Your Hardcover Notebooks feature something called “Swiss binding”. What’s that all about?

Swiss binding is a feat of paper engineering that allows every page in our Hardcover Journal to stay perfectly flat. So you can focus on your work, rather than wrestling with the pages.

What colors can I get your Hardcover Notebook in?

You can choose from eight:


  • Jet Black
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Midnight Blue
  • Wine Red
  • Lime Green
  • Alpine Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Berry Red

What secret features does the MOO Hardcover Notebook have?

  • Heavyweight top sheet
  • Business Card holder
  • Heat-sealed wayfinding ribbon

Can I customize your Hardcover Notebooks?

Yes! You can customize these Hardcover Notebooks:

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