Luxe Postcards

32pt paper. Beautifully textured and impressively thick.

25 postcards from $56.00

Impossible-to-ignore luxury Postcards

Noticeably thick, Luxe Postcards are made with archival-quality Mohawk Superfine paper. With its beautiful formation and uniformity, nothing prints better. It also gives them that "Ooh, that feels good" texture. Add a pop of color in the middle and they make your promotions unmissable.

1. Uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper.
2. Your choice of 8 seam colors.
3. 32pt paper, double thickness for extra impact.

Choose your size

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your seam color

Choose your corners

Quantity Price per postcard Pack price
25 $2.24 $56.00
50 $2.08 $104.00
100 $1.73 $173.00
250 $1.02 $256.00
500 $0.76 $382.00
1000 $0.51 $512.00
2500 $0.37 $931.00
5000 $0.34 $1708.00
10000 $0.29 $2897.00
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Free sample

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Diagram of a MOO Luxe business card made of 2 layers of Mohawk Superfine paper and 2 layers of coloured paper. There are numbers to indicate different layers of paper on the diagram.

Four layers. For extra impact.

Like all the best stories, this one is multi-layered. It starts with the finest paper – Mohawk Superfine. Renowned for consistency and premium quality, it’s the ideal surface for your design. Next, sandwiched in the middle, there’s a double thick seam of color. Plus one more layer of Superfine for good measure. Then it's ready to be fused together, creating an ultra-thick, extra-premium postcard. Four layers. One exclusive collection.

1. Mohawk Superfine paper
2. Two layer seam, with eight exclusive color options
3. Another layer of Mohawk Superfine

It’s the result of a unique collaboration between MOO and Mohawk – the revered paper makers, located in an historic mill in upstate New York. We’d always been huge fans of their textured, tactile Superfine paper. But what if we could add extra weight to it? After many attempts (and an unhealthy amount of paper pulp chat) we created a new luxury paper stock that we were all proud to share – and that you can be, too.

Heavyweight feel
Heavyweight feel

Heavyweight feel

An extra-thick postcard, uniquely made by fusing four layers of premium paper together.

The finest paper
The finest paper

The finest paper

Made with uncoated Mohawk Superfine paper – created using windpower.

A block of color
A block of color

A block of color

A choice of eight colors sandwiched right in the middle of your postcard, from unmissable to minimalist.

8 extra thick business cards with 8 different colored seams

Pick your color seam

There’s a vibrant block of color, sandwiched right in the middle of your Luxe Postcards. Choose from a rainbow of options to make your design even more unmissable. Or keep it white and minimalist.

Luxury Postcards - Inspiration

Get some big ideas, brand inspiration and tips to grow your business in style with Premium Postcards.

Even more good stuff

FAQs - Luxe Postcards

What sizes are Luxe Postcards available in?

Why should I choose Luxe Postcards?

MOO's Luxe Postcards are super-thick. They’re printed on beautifully textured Mohawk Superfine paper. And there’s a choice of eight color seams – for a pop of colour right in the middle.

How much do Luxe Postcards cost?

The price of your premium quality Luxe Postcards will depend on the size, finish and turnaround time you choose. To get an accurate quote in seconds, give our online cost calculator a go.

Is Printfinity available for Luxe Postcards?

Yes, you can print up to 25 different designs per pack, at no extra cost. All our Postcards are also double-sided and full color.

Do you do any other Postcard paper stocks?

Yes, you can also print Postcards on:

How can I design my high-quality Luxe Postcards?

  • Customize a blank design
  • Upload a complete design
  • Use our templates if you're creating Small or Medium Postcards

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