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Making every delivery special

You told us you wanted to cut down on the amount of waste that was created each time you ordered. But equally we knew some of you were thrilled with how special your order felt. So we set ourselves the challenge: “How can we use less, without losing what matters?” It forced us to get a bit more creative, and ultimately now helps us spend a bit less money – which means we’ve been able to keep our prices competitive, despite all that’s happened in the last couple of years.

The listening post

It’s what’s inside your MOO package that really matters. But hey, we love design. And we know lots of you do, too. So when we began to update our packaging, we knew it had to be tough enough to sustain any journey – and stylish enough to meet your expectations.

After “road testing” copious box types, trialling different materials and getting plenty of feedback – oh so much feedback – we got there. The end result is a simpler, less wasteful approach that protects what’s inside, while being better for the environment.

Our updated packaging

As lovely as some of our older packaging was, it had to go. Too bulky, too much wasted space, too much that couldn’t be recycled. 

Instead, we took things back to the essentials. Now our packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable. It’s made with paper sourced from sustainable forests. And it’s neatly designed to fit what’s inside with minimal excess – so less waste and less space taken up during transport. If you’re ordering MiniCards, Business Cards or Notecards you can see for yourself. Next, the same approach will be used across more of our range.

Stats ahoy
Stats ahoy

Stats ahoy

Overall, our updated sustainable packaging uses 50% less paper than the previous versions (it varies from box to box). They’re all made with 60% recycled material and the smart design has helped us reduce the weight by 50%. That means that we also reduce the carbon footprint by… a lot! It’s tough to effectively measure all direct and indirect emissions, but this will make a significant difference. 

More to come
More to come

More to come

Next on our list, outer packaging. Plastic free tape and curbside recyclable kraft mailers are on their way. But there’s lots more work to do. We’ll keep you updated as it happens.

10 closed display boxes in three different sizes and five colors including pink, green, grey, beige and blue

Display Boxes

Store and show off your designs in style. With five colours and three sizes, to perfectly fit MOO stationery.

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