The Good Stuff Awards – the judge’s advice

January 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Tess McCabe, the Melbourne-based graphic designer and branding expert, is judging Frankie Magazine’s Good Stuff awards. As sponsor of the small business category, we’re really pleased to be involved. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about what she’s looking for from entrants – so if you’re thinking of getting involved, here are her tips for success.

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“Life is short – work somewhere awesome”

January 2017, by admin | 12 Comments – latest by moocrew

Creatives tend have a blend of skills – that’s why networking by shared projects rather than single skills suits today’s diversity of talent. It’s on this principle that Pip Jamieson founded The Dots.

Pip Jamieson is the epitome of entrepreneurial high-energy – and we are in awe. The founder and CEO of creative networking platform The Dots, Pip is living the dream so many of us have – successfully making the leap from working in a 9-5 job to launching her own business.

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4 tips for a better work/life balance

January 2017, by admin | 2 Comments – latest by moocrew

If your 9-5 looks more like a 5-9, it might be time to take a look at how you can make more time for yourself. Try these 4 habits for a little more freedom and a happier working week. Continue reading this article…

Instagram inspiration – your MOOcards

January 2017, by admin | 5 Comments – latest by moocrew

We can’t get enough of your amazing designs – from illustration to photography, the MOO community is creative, inventive and more than a little bit brilliant.

To bring you some inspiration, here are 3 graphic designers we want to introduce – with the stories behind their businesses and stunning designs. Continue reading this article…

4 New Year’s resolutions to boost your business in 2017

January 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

It’s the new year—you look inward, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and decide how you can improve. But have you thought about your business in the same way? After all, bigger, better goals aren’t just for your personal life. They’re helpful for your company too.

These four easy resolutions will help get your brand more organized, more productive, and sleeker than ever—just like you in 2017.

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MOO supports the Good Stuff Awards – meet Tess McCabe

January 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

We’re delighted that this year, we’re sponsoring the small business category in Frankie Magazine’s Good Stuff Awards. The judge for this category, Tess McCabe, is a Melbourne-based designer and brand expert. She shared her thoughts with us about the pitfalls and passions small business and startups have to contend with.
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Fashion for social change

January 2017, by admin | Add a comment

What happens when a love of photography and fashion meets an unstoppable drive to change the world? We met Adrenus Craton to find out first hand.

When you’ve found a niche in which to run your small business, how can you balance the growth of your company with the steady support you need to keep it stable?

So what’s the perfect formula? Adrenus Craton is founder and director of London HOUSE Studio – a boutique photography studio with an in-house modelling agency, Novelmodels Elite. Adrenus’ goal is to help bring about positive change in the world by focusing on projects and people who are doing just that.

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How to be productive: 5 tips to try this week

January 2017, by admin | 3 Comments – latest by Taylor L

Getting the most out of your day? Most of us want to find a way to get a bit more done and combat distractions – try these tips for a more productive week.
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Big advice for small brands

January 2017, by admin | Add a comment

We caught up with Tess McCabe, Melbourne-based designer and brand expert, to talk about the pitfalls and passions small business and startups have to contend with.
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Green designs: Tala LED and the business of beautiful, sustainable lightbulbs

December 2016, by admin | 2 Comments – latest by Jeff Gray

Many a great business starts with a great product that solves a dilemma. In answer to the escalating need for sustainable energy, Tala LED creates old-fashioned lighting with LED strips engulfed in elegant blown-glass bulbs for an energy-efficient – and gorgeous – alternative to standard lightbulbs.

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How internal networking makes for better business

December 2016, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Realty Labs

Better partnerships. A stronger culture. More lightbulb moments. Who doesn’t want those? That’s why networking isn’t just for events outside your company – it’s a crucial habit for people inside larger companies too. (So important, in fact, that MOO has a free infographic on this very subject.)

That’s why internal networking events are such a helpful tool. By connecting coworkers outside of your office’s traditional networks, you create more opportunities for teamwork and help employees get a handle on the bigger picture of what your company is all about. What’s not to love?

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How to use Pantone’s color of the year

December 2016, by moocrew | 11 Comments – latest by Keith wheeler

Greenery is a fresh, bright green that evokes the natural world – and it’s Pantone’s color of the year for 2017. But how can you use it in your design projects, or put it to work for your business?

Freshly cut grass, spirulina smoothies, our grandmas’ houseplants and Kermit memes – just some of the things that Pantone’s newly announced color of the year, Greenery, reminded our team of.

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Daniel Fletcher, menswear designer

December 2016, by moocrew | 3 Comments – latest by Renata Grilo

What happens when you get thrown into the fashion industry, right after graduation? For menswear designer Daniel Fletcher, it was the best possible result. He is currently juggling his time between Paris – where he works for Louis Vuitton – and his London studio where he’s creating his own collection. We spoke to Dan about the importance of self-belief and the challenges of setting up a fashion label.

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Making the business card cool

December 2016, by admin | 1 Comment – latest by Hallie Geller

In our collaboration with multimedia visual artist, Baron Von Fancy, we’ve found a way to bring a super-swish style to the oldest networking technology (and we have never loved our Business Cards more). Continue reading this article…

Beyond your basic bakery: MOO welcomes Dominique Ansel to London

November 2016, by Mary | 1 Comment – latest by Lee

This autumn, London was gripped by sweet-treat fever as Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut®, opened his first bakery this side of the Atlantic. We were delighted to have the opportunity to support his launch with some very British, oh-so-MOO printed Postcards. Just the thing to set off a morning sugar rush. Here’s a peek behind the scenes on launch day (for those who didn’t join the queue). Continue reading this article…

The joy of unboxing: Miriam Brafman of Packlane

November 2016, by Mary | 7 Comments – latest by Nicole

For brands in the business of shipping out their products, having a well-designed product is only half the journey. Polished, thoughtful packaging can spark the extra thrill of a connection between a company and their customers. That’s what one-time programmer Miriam Brafman was aiming for when she started Packlane, a startup that lets brands create beautiful boxes in just a few clicks. Continue reading this article…

Behind the Brand Refresh: Fuze

November 2016, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Jerrod

How Fuze used color to beat the competition

How can multiple brands unite under one umbrella? That’s a good question, and one that Fuze thought over tirelessly before undergoing a global rebrand earlier this year. The result is a unique and vibrant rebranding project that utilized color to carve out a place in a saturated market. We spoke with the team behind the rebrand for an in-depth look.

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3 tricks to get more from conferences

October 2016, by Mary | Add a comment

Bringing your networking A-game to a conference is important. But it’s not the only thing you’ll need to take with you. If you want to make connections that count, meet the right influencers and – of course – grow your business or land the job of your dreams, you’ll want to brush up on the best ways to ace your next conference. Continue reading this article…

Networking Dos and Don’ts

October 2016, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Theodore

Let’s face it: networking events can be intimidating. You’re worried about what to talk about, how to represent your company, and how to show off the best version of yourself. Thankfully, with a little planning, you can keep your nerves at bay and network like a pro. Try out these tips at your next big networking event to ensure you score that second meeting.

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Building the Indiegogo brand, one customer story at a time

October 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

Every idea should have its shot, and every creative should have their moment. That’s the principle that Indiegogo was founded on in 2007, and years later, the crowdfunding platform has helped entrepreneurs all around the world turn their ideas into reality. We chatted with Erica Labovitz, Indiegogo’s head of integrated marketing, about how they got their own start, and why they keep customer stories at the center of the business model and brand.

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