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Crafty calligraphy meets beautiful business cards

May 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

The MOO Blog | Letters By Shells and Oh Mai Art Creations

We’re complete suckers for beautiful handwriting, and if you’re anything like us, you will be too! We were totally blown away by these two calligraphers – their wonderful talent, modern take on the craft and their way of incorporating their work into their business cards.

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What does it take to go it alone as a freelance illustrator?

May 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

The MOO Blog | Nikki Farquharson

Nikki Farquharson is a freelance illustrator specialising in creating abstract and patterned art and typography by hand. She’s worked with big brand names such as Malibu Rum and MAC Cosmetics but where did the courage to go it alone come from and how did she get her first big client?

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5 tips for a better event booth

May 2017, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Liza

Networking events and trade shows give you a solid opportunity to meet your customers in real life – but how can you make a strong first impression? It’s not just about the size of your booth – you’ve got to up your game to really make a memorable introduction. Make unforgettable connections – follow these 5 ideas.

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5 quick tricks to get more from an open house

May 2017, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by moocrew

The MOO Blog | Get more from an open house

You know you can’t just schedule an open house and expect people to show up, but it can be hard to know where to get started and what to do to get more people at your open houses. Check out these 5 quick tricks to make the most of your listings – you’ll be a pro in no time.

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Get postcard envy

May 2017, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Wretha

It’s not just us that love to send a Postcard – we also wanted to share these 3 businesses who are totally making the most of their versatility! From showcasing a portfolio to writing a personal thank you notes, Postcards are the real heroes here.

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How Wool Days are reviving an old-fashioned industry

May 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

The MOO Blog | Wool Days

Megan and Robbie, founders of Wool Days and winners of the Frankie Small Business award are truly inspiring! We caught up with them to find out how they’re working to revive an old-fashioned industry by introducing fresh ideas and sustainable thinking.

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Make this Mother’s Day fine and Dandy

May 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

MOO has teamed up with Pottery Barn Australia and Dandy Moon to create a limited edition Mother’s Day cards. We chatted to Kristy, owner of Dandy Moon to find out more.

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Meet the MOO dolls

May 2017, by moocrew | 7 Comments – latest by Lucille

The MOO Blog | Meet the MOO dolls

Helen Greenstein has made felt editions of more than 120 MOO crew – and we are in love with each and every one of them. We met her to find out more about her inimitable skill, and to find out where 3 of the felt portraits are now

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Why you need a mentor

May 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Not got a mentor yet? Maybe it’s time you got one. Having a mentor has all kinds of benefits, from profitability to peace of mind, not to mention a bit of much-needed company in this entrepreneurial journey.

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3 reasons to use MOO Business Services today

May 2017, by Shelley | Add a comment

We created MOO Business Services to help larger companies streamline their print ordering process. Now, instead of ordering new print products for your business for hours, you can have more time to do what you love.

Here’s how MOO Business Services can help your company of ten or more people:

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A recipe for a successful business

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Victoria Eggs, a British-themed homeware designer, is the true definition of an entrepreneur. She found her niche, self-funded her business and is just about to take on her first employee. So, what’s her recipe for success? Continue reading this article…

5 ways to delight your customers with design thinking

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Want to create delightful user experiences with your products and services? Design thinking is a people-first theory based on designing products that leverages user feedback to make your creations simple and easy to use. By putting customers first, you can create helpful products and services, from invoices to phone support, that will make your brand unforgettable—and your customers will love you for it.

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Delicious! Foodie cards that look good enough to eat

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

We <3 the MOO community! Every day, we’re inspired by people all over the world who’ve built a brand from their own creativity – we think you will be too.

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How to achieve a vibrant company culture with flexible working

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Everyone loves flexible working – it fosters trust, engagement and, ultimately, happiness. But how can you maintain a strong brand with employees all over the world? Follow our 5 tips

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From IRL to online: building a business with soul

April 2017, by moocrew | 4 Comments – latest by Adam S

Growing a business is about more than a strong product – it’s about finding a big idea, a motivation that keeps you going. We met Amanda Wayne, founder of online self-care sanctuary Head & Hands to find out how she did it (and why she loves her MOO Notebook).

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Do it for love! Curtis Kulig-designed Business Cards have landed

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

What are the 2 little words you most want to hear? Now you can carry them with you everywhere – meet our newest collaboration!

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6 tips for managing freelancers

April 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Growing your business? Freelance support can bring you expertise, skill and an extra pair of hands, right when you need them – check out our 6 tips for a smooth and successful time.

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How to turn a hobby into a career

April 2017, by moocrew | 5 Comments – latest by I love your work and I also use moo

It’s often been thought that you can’t turn an artistic hobby into a profitable business. Despite that, there are people out there proving that you can – and Lucy Burley is one of them.
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NanoCards: a small card that makes a big connection

April 2017, by moocrew | 6 Comments – latest by Melissa Ellen Penn

MOO | NanoCards

What’s tiny, printed and popular with bees? Our NanoCards! We meet 3 customers to find out how they’re taking their networking to the next level.

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All that glitters: gold foil inspiration

March 2017, by moocrew | Add a comment

Our MOO community are going for gold and we can’t get enough of these amazing designs – from event planning to graphic design, our customers are creative, inventive and more than a little bit brilliant.

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