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Variety of Planners in different colours
Calendar Clip
Calendar Clip

Keep track of the weeks - and where you last left off.

Perpetual Planner

1 Perpetual Planner $30.00

A planner that’s all about action

With a flexible layout and Calendar Clip, so you can plan, track and organize anything – any way you like.

Choose your custom style

Choose your color

Choose your Calendar Clip

Calendar Clip
Calendar Clip

Keep track of the weeks - and where you last left off.

Illustration of a Midnight Blue Planner and Brass Calendar clip, with notes indicating Cloth cover, Lay-flat binding, Planning pages, Grid & lined sections, Calendar Clip, Dateless format & Flexible layout

Clip. Plan. Do.

The Perpetual Planner is all about getting stuff done, from everyday things to bigger dreams. There are no dates, so you can make the most of every page – even if you take a week off. Just shift the Calendar Clip to where the days fall.

Calendar Clip
Calendar Clip

Calendar Clip

Helps you keep track of the days – and where you left off.

No years or dates
No years or dates

No years or dates

It never goes out of date, so you can plan at your own pace.

Flexible layout
Flexible layout

Flexible layout

With dots instead of lines, freeing you up to do your own thing.

Grid & lined sections
Grid & lined sections

Grid & lined sections

Use them to pause, sketch and think about the weeks ahead.

Open Planner featuring a Brass Clip on a desk with a hand turning the page

Customize it? Good plan

Like all MOO things, you can put your stamp on the Perpetual Planner. Deboss the cover. Change the colors. Wrap it in your own design. Make it your own.

Dreamers and doers

Let’s see the Perpetual Planner in action…

Hand holding a Brass Calendar Clip
Woman sitting & writing on Perpetual Planner
Midnight Blue Custom Perpetual Planner
Perpetual Planner on a desk
Man writing on Perpetual Planner
Hand writing on Perpetual Planner
Open Perpetual Planner on a desk
Hand writing on Perpetual Planner

FAQs – Perpetual Planners

What's a Perpetual Planner? How does a dateless planner work?

It's a planner without any dates or years. That means you can buy it at any time in the year (and don't have to get a new one if you haven't finished it in 12 months). It's a more flexible and sustainable way of getting things done.

What size are Perpetual Planners?

The Perpetual Planner measures 5.12” x 8.15”.

What's Swiss binding?

It’s where the spine isn’t glued to the book “block”. This lets the pages flow free, so it opens nice and flat. Also makes it good for lefties!

What colors is the Perpetual Planner available in?

You can get it in Midnight Blue, Jet Black, Charcoal Grey and Berry Red.

What can I use my Perpetual Planner for?

Use it as a life planner, a personal planner, a work planner, a goal planner, a productivity planner. Heck, even a nap planner. It’s designed to be adaptable.

What is the Calendar Clip and how am I supposed to use it?

True to its name, the Calendar Clip clips to the top of each page. It marks where you’re at in the planner – and it lets you know what week you’re on. Just slide it to match where the days fall.

What secret features does the Perpetual Planner have?

They’re not exactly secret, but you might not have spotted the Calendar Clip, flexible layout and undated weekly spreads. There are also three sections of lined & dotted pages.

What's the Perpetual Planner’s cover made of?

It’s a tough cloth cover. Just like you’ll find on the Hardcover Notebook.

Is the Perpetual Planner customizable?

Yes, there are two ways to design your own planner. You can blind deboss the cover with your own design (or add a metallic foil). Or you can print in full color on the cover, spine and back. For custom orders, the minimum order quantity is 10.

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