Why MOO can’t be called MOO any more

MOO is changing its name to either COO or GRR. And we need YOU to help us decide.

Two logos on a split image. GRR on an orange background on the left and COO on a grey background on the right

A brand name is a special thing. Can you imagine Coca-Cola if they rebranded as “Gluba-Gluba”? Or if Apple decided to become “Pomegranate”? Exactly. It just wouldn’t feel the same (although that last one would be quite nice). But one brand IS changing. And that brand is us, MOO. Here’s why.

Some brands change their name to better reflect what they’re about. Like when Backrub became Google. Or it’s about moving with the times: Yahoo was once “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. It can also be a simple “we need a better name because the one we have is bad” (PayPal used to be called “Confinity”). 

And sometimes it’s because a herd of dairy cows are threatening legal action.

It’s an all-too common situation, but you can add MOO to that category. The good news is we have two alternatives that we’re fairly excited about: COO and GRR. Let those names sink in for a moment. 

Here’s our Head of Brand Design, Yoshi Takagi: “What people liked about the word ‘MOO’ was its simplicity. And it could mean something different to different people. A meaning that could almost be customized, like our products.

Grey sticker with COO logo on a box

“That’s something we’ve tried to carry over into these new names. COO is about creative freedom, like a pigeon who can fly anywhere. And GRR is more about being bold, making your mark with a claw. We think our customers will love both, even if they secretly prefer the name MOO and wonder why we had to change.”

White envelope with an orange sticker with the GRR logo

And that’s where you come in. Because both names are equally okay, we want YOU to decide which one we choose. Should we become COO or GRR? Or something else? (Ideally not that last option because it will involve a lot of design resources.) You decide! (Again, please don’t pick that last option if possible.)

To cast your vote, head over to our Instagram and comment with #teamCOO or #teamGRR or (if you really must) #teamsomethingelse. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Unless a legal agreement can be met!

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