October 6, 2015

MOO Presents…The Future


What if you could have the ease of NFC technology applied to business networking? Now you can! Welcome to Business Cards+.

Each one is embedded with a near-invisible chip that holds your chosen data, and with just one tap from an enabled smartphone (no app needed!), it’s downloaded in an instant. You can update your details anytime and track activity to see who’s got you on their radar.

What better way to grow your network?

Discover Business Cards+.

  • Moya says:

    Here’s a cool question, I don’t think it’s going to be a matter of if but more so when Apple does allow NFC business cards to work, being that the card is easily updated, if the NFC cards purchased would be an issue adapting to the apple platform?

  • david says:

    Thanks for commenting – Our Business Cards+ work with NFC-enabled devices so we’re ready for them when they are!

  • Wow! This is amazing! Looking forward to try it one day!

  • Oh I love how you thought the video for these awesome cards! I want to have them! Congratulations, MOO team!

  • What’s the difference in thickness between these cards and your non-nfc cards, assuming the same paper is used?

  • Chipp says:

    Just a note to tell you not only the cards don’t work with iOS but also your video on this blog does not work on it either. Hoping you fix it soon. Thanks!

  • David says:

    Ditto the above the comments about these cards not working with Apple devices. If 1/2 the people in this country use iPhones it means that NFC will only work 1/2 the time. Not enough to convince me to buy NFC Moo business cards. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Apple jumps on board.

  • This looks awesome! Question…does it not work with iPhone?

  • Scott says:

    It will work on a jailbroken iPhone, but 99% of people don’t do that. C’mon Apple, let people NFC their little hearts out!

  • Ian Brown says:

    If they are not IOS compatible I will just keep the cards I already have from MOO.

  • I ordered sample card several months ago. None arrived. I need to print my cards within month

  • david says:

    Sorry to hear the sample pack never got to you! Our awesome customer service team will be able to find out what went wrong: https://support.moo.com/hc/en-gb/sections/200598374

  • Carl says:

    Doesn’t work on iPhone? What the… Was just about to purchase a couple thousand.

  • Tim says:

    Apple is a closed ecosystem and just want to control everything. They are like the kid in the sandbox who doesn’t share his toys.

    After having an iPhone since the 3G, I have finally switched to Android. I would have done it sooner but every time I switched, Android wasn’t quite matured enough. It’s still frustrating at times but I’ve got some much more choices.

    That’s what it’s all about. Choices. Apple wants to make those for us and WE are their product.

    Keep up the good work MOO!

  • Paul Shadwell says:

    Surely since the iPhone 6 and 6plus and now the 6s and 6sPlus all support NFC these cards will work.
    Possibly because of security you’ll need an app but should work, right?

  • david says:

    Hi Paul right now Apple are keeping shtum over when they plan to open up their devices for NFC. That’s not to say things won’t change though – we all just have to wait and see what Apple do next. In the meantime, we’ll keep working with Android developers to bring the get the best out of Paper+.

  • Oh no!, just been telling everyone about these cards, didn’t realise they didn’t work on iOS, to me thats a big drawback. Fingers crossed for next year, however knowing Apple, I doubt they will let it happen. Boo.

  • Kait says:

    This is amazing! I just wished they worked with iOS. Are there plans to release iOS compatible cards in the near future?

  • maryn says:

    Hi Kait, thanks 😉 We wish too! We’re encouraged that Apple joined an NFC industry steering group with other manufacturers. Maybe this means they will open up their devices to read NFC in 2016, but it’s not guaranteed. Only Apple knows the answer to your question!

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