MOO Presents… Paper+

In a world of ordinary paper, one company is breaking all the rules (that’s us), say hello to Paper+.

It’s a new digital platform of super connected paper products from MOO. Not just beautifully designed, but so technologically advanced, they’re basically the sliced bread of stationery. Business Cards that have digital lives, long after you’ve handed them out.

So what’s the secret? It’s the NFC-enabled chip that’s embedded inside every card! The possibilities are endless. Choose the ‘Actions’ you want your chip to perform and as soon as you’ve updated the details on our Paper+, the card is updated! It’s seamless.

Share your information with ONE TAP onto most android and Microsoft devices then log into Paper+ to see how many times your card has been tapped (and even watch as it’s happening!).

It’s amazing! It’s INCREDIBLE! And it’s not in the future, it’s happening in the real world RIGHT NOW.

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