September 9, 2020

Get your brand on everyone’s lips with custom face masks

Our custom face masks help keep your branding consistent. But (even more importantly) they show you care. Design personalized face masks as unique as your brand with MOO.

A unique, 100% paper design

With their lightweight, super breathable paper and a (very) smart design, MOO’s personalized face masks are both secure and comfy. With clever stretch cuts and expanding panels, simple slots for ear loops and a folded nose bridge inspired by the Japanese art of kirigami, they can adapt to all kinds of faces. Plus, they give you enough space to breathe and talk – no more muffled chats!

woman wearing a yellow personalized face mask

Personalized masks to match your brand

Thanks to their fully customizable front, you can feature your brand logo, designs, or anything you want on your custom masks. And that includes stretch cuts. The only limit is your imagination!

And if you’re looking for stylish non-custom face masks, check out our colorful non-custom paper face masks.

personalized face masks

Recycled AND recyclable

Unlike most, our personalized face masks are 100% recycled AND recyclable. No additional glue or elastics, only recycled paper! Our single-use, lightweight face coverings are die cut from a single sheet of Mohawk’s recycled Cotton paper (110lb, 18pt). Plus, every custom mask is made, printed, and packed in the USA. Did someone say eco-friendly?

blue custom face mask made of recycled paper

The boring (but important) bit

We just wanted to remind you that the MOO custom face mask is a single-use item made entirely from paper. It’s meant to give some added reassurance in public places where social distancing can be tricky. It’s not a medical-grade mask, or item of personal protective equipment (PPE). Wearing a MOO custom mask is an added measure, not a replacement for any rules or guidelines – so keep washing those hands and avoid touching that lovely face of yours.

Look after customers, colleagues, and the planet too with custom face masks.


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Custom Face Masks

Our personalized face masks help keep your branding consistent. But (even more importantly) they show you care.

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Face Masks

Get back to business as usual(ish) with non-custom recyclable single-use face masks.

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A more sustainable single-use mask is here.

Introducing planet-friendly MOO face masks.

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