Stand-out type: Postcards with fonts we love

Discover five brands elevating their Postcards with typography.

Postcards with a font we love. Designed by Sandrine at Imaginerie and featuring Gold Foil Type.

At MOO, we’re passionate about the power of fonts. Just like color, they play an important role in bringing your brand’s personality and message to life. Every font tells its own story, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. 

So, whether you’re looking to refresh your marketing materials or gather some inspiration for your next Postcard project, here are five Postcards with fonts we love.

Atelier Ohr

Font: GT Spectra Fine and OPR Konstrukt

Atelier's Postcard with fonts we love.

Meet Lara Lagner, Designer and founder of Atelier Ohr. Lara uses Postcards as Gift Cards for her clients. “The size fits perfectly in an envelope and you can also hang it on your fridge if you feel like it”, she commented. 

When it came to choosing fonts, Lara opted for GT Spectra Fine Black and OPR Konstrukt. “These fonts work perfectly together, GT Sectra is bold and playful while OPR Konstrukt gives the calm counterbalance. I used both fonts throughout the whole branding of Atelier Ohr”.

Lara’s goal was to create a stunning design that their clients would want to display and cherish. “I wanted to create a timeless design, a card you want to take in your hand and want to look at closer”, she added.

Lara’s top tip for choosing Postcards fonts

“A postcard is a nice playground to play with bold types, but also think of your existing branding, you don’t want to lose the essence of it. If you have the resources, buy a font from a type foundry or directly from a type designer”.

Ash Branding Co. 

Font: Bespoke 

Postcards and envelopes featuring bespoke fonts.

Next up is Ash, the founder and Creative Director of Ash Branding Co., who specializes in transforming small businesses into big brands.

Ash loves using Postcards to elevate her customers’ branding experiences. “Postcards are my go-to branding hack for my clients as they are stunningly beautiful and can be uniquely customized. I encourage my clients to use them as thank you cards, and to get creative by pairing them with different envelope colors”, Ash explained.

The above Postcard design was created for Bellemare Botanicals. “The pattern created is a custom design featuring the Bellemare Botanicals ‘B’ logo we created for Erin Szafran, a floral designer from Maine. Her business features a bold, stylized monogram with her late grandmother’s handwritten letter nested into the negative space. This shows a personal connection to her story and love for botanicals”, Ash told us.

Ash’s top tip for choosing Postcards fonts

“Identify three attributes that speak to the feel you want to capture in the piece you’re creating and find a type that expresses that”.

Romy Olivia Brows 

Font: London and Abhaya Libre Regular

Square Gold Foil Postcard by Romy Olivia.

Up next is, Romy, the owner of beauty salon Romy Olivia Brows. She chose Gold Foil Square Postcards to create Gift Vouchers for her business. “MOO was my top choice for creating my vouchers because of the exclusive Gold Foil feature, which was essential for achieving a luxurious look. Opting for the square style allowed me to convey all the necessary information without overcrowding the design,” she explained.

Her Postcards also feature fonts that strike the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity. “I aimed for a clear and bold design with a touch of luxury through a signature style”.

Romy’s top tip for choosing Postcards fonts

“Consider creating an inspiration style board that aligns with your desired aesthetic and consistently incorporates the chosen font style across all aspects of your business. Remember, limiting yourself to a maximum of three colors and three fonts will help ensure a cohesive and well-maintained style”.


Font: DrSugiyama Pro

Imaginerie's Gold Foil Postcard.

Graphic designer, and self-proclaimed font nerd, Sandrine, runs her own studio called Imaginerie.

Sandrine typically creates Postcards for the holiday season, but also as thank you cards for her big clients or people whom she enjoys working with. “I like my Postcards to feel a bit special as not many people receive real letters anymore (which is a shame!)”, she told us.

She uses Printfinity as a way to print a variety of designs, without overstretching her budget. Once she discovered Gold Foil through a MOO Sample Pack and didn’t look back. 

Sandrine slightly tweaked the font DrSugiyama Pro for her Postcards to make them more personalized and in line with her branding. “I chose this particular font for its elegant script and high-contrast design. While it doesn’t appear strictly hand-drawn, it possesses a tactile quality that beautifully complements the gold foil. Its fluidity gives the impression of gold gracefully dripping from the paper”, she explained.

Sandrine’s top tip for choosing Postcards fonts

“Always lean towards what feels like yourself. It’s a bit like choosing a brand identity, it needs to feel like the product but also like the person. The Postcards and the font I selected are my attempt to convey a sense of fun, a more casual side of myself, while still showcasing a certain level of craftsmanship”.

Cozzete French Classes

Font: New Spirit and Roboto

Postcards being used as Flyer by Cozette.

Lastly, in our Postcards with fonts we love line-up, we have Maïwenn Kussian, director of Cōzette French Classes.

Following a rebrand in 2023, Maïwenn decided to create Postcards as Flyers, to showcase the essence of Cōzette and their offer. “We’ve put our Postcards in local businesses, and our students and teachers are also handing them out to people who might be interested in learning French. It’s our way to introduce our renewed identity but also to extend a warm invitation to those intrigued by the joy of learning French”.

These Postcards feature two fonts, New Spirit and Roboto. The typeface logo is a custom-made font.“We worked with Célie Rebman, an art director who drew and designed our logo. We wanted our logo to be unique”.

Maïwenn’s top tip for choosing Postcards fonts

“Play with a few different fonts, but in the end, it’s important to find a font that reflects your brand. I also believe that it is important to find a font that is easy to read for the most impact”.

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