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Six of the best B2B trade shows to attend in 2024 and beyond

Discover six of the best B2B trade shows this year.

Adobe Summit is one the main B2B trade shows to add to your calendar.

Preparing for any trade show is… a lot. With hotels to book, things to print, stalls to sort out and speeches to perfect. So you want all that hard work and investment to be worth it. And in the case of the best B2B trade shows, it will be. Because you know you’ll be coming away with new leads, new insights and fresh motivation. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite global events, all worthy of your time. So stock up on the Business Cards for…

Adobe Summit

What’s on the agenda?

If you’re in marketing, you’ll definitely know about this one. The name alone will be enough of a draw for many, and the event is host to some big, big names (Shaquille O’Neal was 2024’s headliner). In Adobe’s own words, it’s a chance to “learn from global innovators across industries, connect with other leaders, and discover the latest in generative AI, personalization at scale, and more”. 

When’s the next one?

2025, location TBC

Future Digital Finance

Future Digital Finance event.

What’s on the agenda?

Future Digital Finance is, as you’d imagine, aimed at those in finance. What makes the event unique is its focus on networking. It’s got a great list of speakers (in 2024 everyone from TikTok to Mastercard was represented) and it’s clear that people are at the heart of everything. There’s even a three course sit down meal for lunch. Definitely one for making new connections.

When’s the next one?

2025, North America 

Experimental Marketing Summit

Experimental Marketing Summit.

What’s on the agenda?

Described as “the number one conference for creators of the brand experience,” EMS draws speakers from the worlds of tech, entertainment, food – everywhere. The emphasis here is on learning, particularly about where the industry will be in the coming months. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to get ahead of the curve. 

When’s the next one?

April 2024, Las Vegas 

Augmented World Expo

Augmented World Expo event.

What’s on the agenda?

Of all the B2B trade shows on the list, this is probably the most international. In 2024 AWE takes place over three continents, from California’s Long Beach to Singapore. And for an AR event, it’s got a lot of history behind it, with the first one being held in 2010. It attracts everyone from end-users to solution providers, and covers all things AR, VR, XR, MR and AI. 

When’s the next one?

April, August and October 2024 in various locations.


SAASTR Annual event.

What’s on the agenda?

The great thing about B2B trade shows in 2024? There really is an event for everyone. Take SaaSt. It’s a three-day event dedicated to Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. One attendee calls it the industry’s “Super Bowl moment,” which sums up why having so many different trade shows matters. They’re places where like-minded people can connect and be part of something. The perfect places to network

When’s the next one?

September 2024, San Francisco Bay Area


INBOUND event.

What’s on the agenda?

INBOUND is the annual event of tech company HubSpot, and the focus here is inbound marketing. Started in 2011, it now draws attendees from over 161 countries, and people at every stage of their career – they even have a “convince your boss” section on their website. And the guest speakers are as big as they come. Yes, we’re talking Obama-big.

When’s the next one?

September 2024, Boston

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