Little Party Animals


Ice cream, party hats, fizzy drinks, cupcakes all the things you need for a really good party! These cute little cartoons make great gift tags for birthday presents especially for little ones.

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Before you've booked the bouncy castle, dug out the jelly moulds and contacted a clown, you can use these MiniCards as tiny invites and party reminders, and they're great for personal messages if you put tags on party favours. So long as you've got real fizzy drinks and actual cupcakes, as well as the cartoon versions, your party will be a triumph.

About the designer

Julia Bereciartu was born in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, surrounded by mountains, trees, and the ocean. Now she lives in Madrid, where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator, and spends her free time drawing in her sketchbook, taking polaroids, riding her bike, baking and knitting.

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