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Had enough of Joy To The World? Looking for something a bit more personal? Use these MiniCards to organise a secret Christmas party, one where you get together with just your closest friends, and keep the rest of the office at arm's length.

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Not everyone likes to go all out with the Christmas decorations, sometimes less is more. There's no need for all that glitter, all that red felt and white fur. Tinsel? Well it's OK if you like that sort of thing. Celebrate Christmas in a more modest, heartfelt way with these understated illustrations, partly inspired by the modest, but loving Christmas enjoyed by the Cratchits in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

About the designer

Susan Mitchell was working as an art teacher in Scotland when a gypsy fortune teller told her she would 'go across water, and illustrate childrens books'. Luckily for us, the fortune teller was right, and Susan's beautiful illustrations and collages are now available to people not just across the water, but all over the world.

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