October 6, 2015

Say Hello to Business Cards+

As you know, at MOO we love all things print. But we also love the web. In 2012 we signaled our interest in taking paper to the next level, connecting it to the web with a short trial of NFC-enabled business cards.

The response was overwhelming: we absolutely had to bring this product to market. For centuries people have been using business cards in pretty much the same old way. From the footmen of 17th-century French aristocracy, to today’s ‘momtrepreneur’: their simplicity, ubiquity, utility and form have kept them going strong, even in our increasingly digital world.

I’m delighted to announce the launch of ‘Business Cards+.

They’ve been a long time in the making but, today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of ‘Business Cards+’, the first of MOO’s next generation, NFC-enabled line of products and the first major update to the business card for over three hundred years.

These little wonders not only function as the MOO Business Cards you know and (hopefully) love, simply tap them to an NFC-enabled phone and they come alive, performing an unlimited range of digital functions: bringing new life to paper and new possibilities to how we connect, network and share in person.

Business Cards+ can link to your website, your blog, LinkedIn profile or social media account. They can be used to promote your portfolio or online store, download your résumé or even perform simple phone functions. We’ve also partnered with a few of our friends to bring some custom actions to your cards. You can program your Business Cards+ to give the recipient hyper-customised directions to your hard-to-find office with CityMapper, easily schedule meetings with Sunrise, or just tap to join a multi-person instant video conference with Appear.in.

Now, your cards can do so much more.

It turns out, mass producing customizable NFC Business Cards was quite the engineering challenge. But we haven’t stopped there! I’m also excited to announce that supporting Business Cards+ we’re launching an online platform to help you manage the digital actions for your cards. We call this platform Paper+.

Paper+ is your personal NFC customization dashboard that features basic analytic tools. One of the great things about Paper+ is your ability to manage the functionality of your cards even after you’ve handed it out.

With Paper+ you’re in complete control and your cards are never out of date.

The beauty of NFC is you don’t need a dedicated APP, ‘reader’ or QR code. All you need is Business Cards+ and an Android phone with an NFC reader. And with 500m Android phones due to ship – finding someone to tap with should be a cinch.

Here at MOO we are extremely excited to venture into the ‘Internet of Things’ with this new range of smart paper products. We really hope you’ll like them.

Discover Business Cards+

By Richard Moross, MOO’s founder and CEO

  • Andy Leo says:

    Product suggestion: I need a way to show people (investors, etc) my startup pitch quickly, easily, effectively. I currently use PowerPoint on my iphone to walk through a few charts and highlights. Obviously this doesn’t have a leave-behind other than my business cards, which I ordered from MOO and are really great. NFC, links, QR codes, and so on don’t solve this problem. I need a new form factor of printed material.

    I think this would be a great way to get startups hooked on MOO.

  • david says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Andy – Watch this space!

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