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We’ve fallen for this Australian creative studio

Autumn. staff members looking happy and laughing.

Autumn. is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Brisbane. Run by a friendly team of designers, photographers, strategists and developers, they have created installations for some of our Australian events. We met its founder Paul Mckie and talked about design, business development and the creative process.

Why did you set up the agency?

Our ambition from the very start was to help build memorable brands that evoke meaning and inspire interactions. That’s a great motivator for me. I believe that good design can really change things for a business so we develop ideas that enable visual change and growth for both brand and business.

What’s your advice for other agencies looking to develop their client base?

If you see a brand/company that you would like to do work for/with, don’t be afraid to simply send an email to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself. We also try to get involved with our industry as much as possible, but also that of our clients. This opens you up to a lot of possibilities for not only client work, but great opportunities to collaborate with other creatives.

The stylish creative studio of Autumn.

You recently helped MOO stand out at Semi-Permanent, what did you create?

For this year’s Semi-Permanent event we created over-sized Postcards and teamed them with matching MOO display cases. The great thing about the postcards was that a diverse range of artists, typographers and designers supplied the artwork. Conferences like SP attract a bunch of like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs, therefore the product or services that are showcased at this particular event are relevant to the need of that demographic—increasing brand awareness. This goes for all industries.

The oversized postcard and display case printed by MOO

You have had quite a bit to do with Shillington College, why?

We all have someone that showed us a thing or two, invested time into our careers or simple gave us some solid advice. It’s our responsibility to send the love back down the chain and let the knowledge flow through us and to others. You risk becoming stagnant yourself if you’re not freely imparting. The entire process is also incredibly rewarding and involving yourself with fresh creative perspectives is very inspiring!

What do you tell the next generation of graduates to get them ready for a design-led career?

A creative studio will employ people not portfolios. So make sure you invest as much time on finding what defines ‘you’ as well as that of your portfolio. Your chances of employment dramatically increase when you are skilled, self aware and most importantly happy and healthy. Also, immerse yourself in the industry, live and breathe your craft — be it through side projects or volunteering your time.

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