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Cotton business cards

If you’re looking to create Business Cards that do the talking for you, look no further than Cotton – all tee and no tree, it’s paper like you’ve never seen before.

Vibrant colors, a love of nature and cards for collectors – three reasons these artists love Cotton paper. Meet Tim, Chloe and Antoin – and find out why they chose cards made from tees, not trees.


Tim Kent Art

Tim Kent is a visual artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tim has always had a passion for creating art, but it wasn’t until he was pursuing a BFA in Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design that he started to take his career to a more professional level. Tim aims to get people to think differently about canvas as a medium: “the canvas has become a standardized formal element – when I talk with artists, the surface plane is typically something they ‘have to get past’ in order to get on with the meat of their practice. But for me, it’s where the innovation happens.”

  • Tim Kent art exhibition
  • Tim Kent art
  • Tim Kent art

Tim’s process begins with “rapid prototyping” allowing him to “explore the boundaries of the stretched canvas.” He uses the “space and volume of the canvases as chiselling tools” to give an “understanding of color in relation to the form they’re on and the plane in space they occupy.” Tim’s work “allows the audience to visualize color in a three-dimensional dialect”, as well as “consider how the surface of a plane and the edge and interior of a canvas can all create an important avenue for discovering and uncovering.”

  • Tim Kent cotton business cards
  • Tim Kent artworks
  • Tim Kent art

Tim has created a series of Square Business Cards to showcase his work, mirroring his square canvases: “I selected a few of my favorite pieces for my first round of cotton cards – I’ll switch up the designs next time for the people that like to collect artists’ cards. I chose the recycled Cotton paper – it’s a great conversation starter and people always comment on the feel of the cards! The archival print quality makes each design feel like a little artwork in its own right. This set of cards has performed the best of any design so far. I ran out of them in the opening night of my Spectrum exhibition – I still get people sending me messages asking if I can mail them a few!”

Create your own mini artworks on Cotton


Chloe Rogers Design

Chloe Rogers is a freelance graphic designer from Scotland. Chloe has always had a love of design, which was propelled when she started studying graphic design at college. But not long after she started her course, Chloe became unwell, developing ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) which meant she couldn’t physically make it to her classes anymore. Despite this, Chloe was determined to be creative, so she began printmaking at home when she could and has recently set herself a 100-day linocut print challenge. Inspired by nature, fruit and flowers, Chloe creates a print everyday and showcases her work on Instagram.

  • Chloe Rogers art
  • Chloe Rogers cotton business card
  • Chloe Rogers stamped gift wrapping paper and paper products

When it came to creating her cards, Chloe wanted them to have a consistent brand look and feel that reflected her and her medium: “I designed a hand carved lino stamp of my name. I printed my stamp onto paper and then scanned it in to make a digital print which I then uploaded to MOO. I wanted to achieve a rough organic look, representing my influences and the prints I make.”

  • Chloe Rogers cotton business cards
  • Chloe Rogers cotton business cards

“I was really excited when I saw that MOO now had Cotton Business Cards – I love nature and the environment, so to be able to have cards that are not only recycled from T-Shirts, but also reflect the organic look of my prints was just amazing! I also love how durable the cards are – I wasn’t expecting the cotton paper to be so strong! I can’t wait to start handing out my cards out!”

Looking for an organic look? Try Cotton Business Cards



Antoin Huynh is a visual artist based in LA, California, and works under the name of NVML DSGN. Antoin specializes in brand design, photography and videography – he’s been freelancing for 12 years now. During that time, Antoin has run screen printing companies, made comic books, toured with bands, photographed weddings and shot music videos. He’s currently working on his first graphic novel – a coffee table photo book featuring his favorite photographs – plus some new, unseen work.

  • Antoin Huynh prints
  • Antoin Huynh sketch
  • Antoin Huynh logo

Antoin spends a lot of time outdoors – the textures and colors he finds in nature inspires his work and he wanted this to be reflected in the design of his Business Cards: “when designing my cards, I wanted to showcase my personality through the use of vibrant colors, married with my design and photography skills. My design was inspired by a photograph I took of the mountains on a day hike to one of my favorite spots in the Angeles National Forest – I feel it completely encapsulates my obsession with sunsets, typography, and lines.”

  • Antoin Huynh cotton business cards
  • Antoin Huynh cotton business card
  • Antoin Huynh cotton business card

“I have a deep appreciation for nature so I love that there’s now a more environmentally sustainable way for me to print my Business Cards that  not only looks amazing, but feels amazing too! Everyone has been so surprised to hear that my cards are 100% cotton as they hold such vibrant colors. For me, it’s the texture of the cards that have blown me away! I can always count on MOO to make me look good!”

Feel Cotton paper for yourself

October 2022 update: This article references the way we used to make Cotton Business Cards. We now use a different process.

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