The MOO Goldmine: what we loved in March

Discover some of our favorite finds for March here, celebrating International Women’s Day.

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Here at MOO, we love sharing recommendations with each other. Books, podcasts, movies… we want it all. And because there’s a lot of us, we’ve even dedicated a Slack channel to it. It’s called Goldmine – and we want to share these gems with you.

Each month, we’ll share what made us smile, inspired us or changed our perspective. Discover some of our favorite finds for March here, celebrating International Women’s Month.

Girls Like Us

Jamie Glass is a customer service representative in Lincoln, but also a gold mine when it comes to book recommendations. This month, she recommended Girls Like Us by Randi Pink. The story is set in 1972 and centers around four teenage girls from different backgrounds dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

“This book physically and narratively embodies the Shakespeare quote ‘though she be but little, she is fierce.’ It’s short and concise but full of pain and joy and beauty as we read about these girls who face unwanted pregnancy in a country that criminalizes choice.”

Book cover art for Girls Like Us by Randi Pink

The book really stuck with her. “Ms. Pearline is a true pearl that I will not soon forget. The bond forged between the girls is beautiful and long lasting, but it should never have had to happen the way it did.”

The Receipts Podcast

Rochelle Kessebeh, merchandising and optimization specialist in London, can’t say enough good things about The Receipts Podcast. The concept? Three women get together “to talk about anything and everything”. Simple and effective – but also hilarious.

Podcast cover art for The Receipts podcast

“The Receipts Podcast celebrates unfiltered girl talk. No topic is left uncovered. Expect lots of giggles!” Rochelle enjoys the minisodes in particular. “I love the ‘your receipts’ minisodes where the hosts Audrey, Tolly T and Milena answer the dilemmas of listeners. Some are outrageously wild, but equally entertaining. If you’re looking for some lighthearted fun, definitely give it a listen.”

I Saw What You Did

Meghan Brady, training specialist in Lincoln, is an avid listener of I Saw What You Did, a film podcast with a twist. “Every week hosts Millie and Danielle discuss two movies paired together under an unexpected but fascinating theme.”

Podcast cover art for I saw what you did podcast

She loves the perfect balance of learning and fun the podcast offers. “The themes they choose are so interesting and thoughtful, and I get to learn about movies I’d never thought about watching, perspectives I hadn’t considered, and sometimes it’s just hilarious! On top of that, film scholarship and criticism can feel so intimidating but Millie and Danielle are always so funny, warm and welcoming.”

Shooting Daggers

Laëti Soubrier, content marketing associate in London, is a fan of the British post-punk scene. She recommended Shooting Daggers, a feminist punk and queercore band with a talent for combining powerful lyrics with electrifying beats.

Album cover art for Shooting Daggers

“I discovered Shooting Daggers quite recently as they were supporting another band. I feel like the punk scene is still quite male-dominated, so it’s always great to hear something different.” For her, the band is the perfect cure for a slump. “I listen to them whenever I need a little booster. If I’m tired, sad, or angry, their music provides the perfect catharsis – not that I don’t listen to them when I’m in a good mood. It’s so empowering and energizing!”

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