The MOO Goldmine: what we loved in December

Discover some of our top finds for December here.

Different props and toys laid out on a purple table

Here at MOO, we love sharing recommendations with each other. From books to bands to podcasts. And because there are a lot of us, we’ve even dedicated a Slack channel to it. It’s called Goldmine – and we want to share some of these nuggets with you. Here’s what we loved in December.

The White Lotus 

Adi Porat, our senior marketing manager, is loving season two of Mike White’s darkly comedic show. She thinks, “season two is arguably better and feels like an entirely different show, exploring different relationship dynamics from the first. And elongating a storyline that keeps viewers coming back for more.” 

White Lotus tv show poster

Homemade pita bread

That’s not the name of a band or a film. Noha Ghazouani, our Boston-based director of product management, is just getting really into flatbreads. 

“I wanted to make something Mediterranean for an easy weeknight dinner,” she says. “And I realized I didn’t have an important component: bread! I come from a culture where we eat bread at every meal. so it felt necessary to get some. Boston is seeing the start of the winter and I was too lazy to go out in the cold so I decided to take a stab at making pita bread.”

Pita bread from A Virtual Vegan

She swears by this recipe. “It’s pretty simple, hands-off and straightforward. I was a bit nervous, but the result was decent enough for me to make some quick shawarma to pair them.”


Over in our London team, production team lead Matthew Dagless is getting crafty. His inspiration? gooseglitters, or Laura to their friends. They “not only create beautiful artwork but also lead creative workshops, allowing anyone to explore the mental health benefits of being crafty. MOO’s Camden office was lucky enough to have Laura visit three times this year for collage workshops.”

Photo of a gooseglitters collage project in progress

He says, “I respect that Laura saves old books, magazines and paper products from landfill to create their art. Take a look at the online shop and you’re bound to find a print you love. I’ve bought the gooseglitters Christmas cards with a fondue-eating snowman!”

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

This one comes recommended by Jamie Glass, our customer service rep in Lincoln. She describes it as, “a long book full of suffering, but it’s a really beautifully written account of life in rural Appalachia with a memorable and all-too-human protagonist.” She liked “learning more about the hard life faced by the rural poor in America, and being immersed in Demon’s ups and downs. I won’t soon forget this book!”

Demon Copperhead book cover

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