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Our MOO community is creative, crafty and beautifully brilliant. Every day, we’re inspired by people all over the world who’ve built a brand from their own creativity and we hope you will be too.

Here are 3 beautiful brands we love who specialise in making beautiful things for the home – each was kind enough to share the story behind their businesses and stunning designs.


Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses HamaManiac

Asya and Ata’s brand, HamaManiac: Anatolian Artisan Craftwork, is inspired by their Turkish background. Their lush Hamam-inspired towels come from a place of vitality, warmth and tradition. Based in Southwest Germany, this brand-new craft company celebrate their culture, bringing this traditional artform to a new generation of admirers.

They explained: “We began our startup in November 2016 – so in a manner of speaking we are newly hatched. We love our Hamam-towels: their colors, their patterns, their craftwork and their many uses. These towels are actually called Pestemal. They’re exclusively handwoven, 100% cotton and originate in the traditional Anatolian bathing culture. The smooth silky feeling makes you want to cling on it.”

  • HamaManiac's Gold Foil Business Cards
  • HamaManiac's Gold Foil Business Cards

“We wanted to make sure this idea would find its way to our cards: that’s why we picked Super paper, which perfectly represents the solidness yet remarkably lightweight comfort and smooth feeling. In addition to this, the Gold Foil element highlights our Pestemals’ simplicity, classiness and minimalist style. As cotton is the primary component of our Hamam-Towels – no surprise – it also became the logo of our label. The cotton flower in its gold print on our blank white card accentuates this simple, but precious basic material. So, our cards are a tactile representation of our label – we love them!”

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Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses KariosLabs

Martina Musetti’s brand, KairosLab, takes the warmth and tactility of ceramics and articulates it through elegant jewellery and homeware – and we love it. Based in Italy, she draws inspiration from nature to create earrings, vases and other small objects. All of them welcoming, calm and beautiful.

Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses KariosLabs

Martina told us: “My creations are simple and modern, I interpret nature in a modern way, to give to my jewelry and my ceramics an original and unique design. Following this idea, me and my Graphic Designer, Elisa D’Anna, created a style in line with my creations. We wanted to give an idea of lightness of form.”

Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses KariosLabs

To help promote her work, Martina picked our MiniCards and Stickers. She said: “I love the matte finish of the mini card, they are almost velvety to the touch, and the thickness of the paper makes them resistant and durable. I love the shape too – they are original and funny, inspiring curiosity immediately in those who receive them. And the round stickers are perfect for my logo! When I take my work to markets, I leave the cards on the table. People always like to take them, they appreciate the velvety touch and original shape.”

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Galyean Vail

Photograph by: Nicole Baas
Photograph by: Nicole Baas

Barbara Vail’s Boston-based interior-design business, Galyean Vail specialises in bringing new life to vintage furniture and furnishings. Growing up with an auctioneer father, she’s built a business based on finding the elegance and beauty hidden within an older object’s own story. It’s her belief that pieces don’t just take up physical space, but that they mean something because of where they were found, when they were found, or whom they were passed down from. It’s working with clients to uncover these stories and in doing so, find the right objects for them, that drives her today.

Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses Galyean Vail

She told us what inspires her: “I grew up going to antique markets and working at the auction house, which instilled a love for design and vintage pieces that tell stories. I typically work with clients that have an eclectic style and really want their personalities to shine through. The images on my MOO cards reflect just that, whether I incorporate a vintage beach painting from Brimfield Antique Market or a handmade table lamp from Portland, Oregon.”

Craft for the home – your inspiring businesses Galyean Vail

“I love that each card is different and showcases a variety of design styles in my work. I get excited to share my business cards and give a little story about the image on the back. Plus I don’t think enough images are actually printed these days! Everyone has loved that each card is like receiving a little piece of art.”

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