Sharing the secret sauce: Mustard Made meets MOO

When Mustard needed to onboard their stockists, they looked to their past (and to MOO) for inspiration.

Mustard locker with MOO postcards and business cards inside

Mustard Made have reimaged old-school lockers to make them pretty, practical and bursting with personality. Now the same can be said of their welcome packs, too. 

About Mustard

Mustard create colorful, practical lockers that help you tidy up and look good while you’re at it. With versatility and functionality at the core, their range suits any space – from a cool co-working hub to a new baby’s nursery.

Founded in 2018 by Becca and Jess – two sisters living on opposite sides of the planet – Mustard has quickly grown into an instantly recognizable brand, with a loyal fanbase of customers and renowned stockists.

As Becca says: “We like to joke that Mustard is just a way for us to hang out more often, but it’s more than that. We’re a family business, with a big heart, big dreams and a love for lockers in all shapes and sizes.”

Mustard Made founders dressed in pink and yellow and sitting on matching Mustard Made locker

Where it all began

The initial inspiration came from Becca’s love of vintage metal furniture – especially her random selection of lockers, which include antique store finds and a flaky old one found on the side of the road. 

These vintage finds were practical and full of character, but hard to come by. However, if they could work out how to manufacture them, maybe others would fall for their quirky charm too?

Close up of the key in the keyhole of a yellow Mustard Made locker

So that’s what they did. Every possible moment was spent researching, reading, drawing and testing until they had their perfect practical product. Mustard launched first in Australia (where Becca lives) and then the UK (where Jess lives). They’ve been sharing the Mustard Made locker love ever since – from Australia to the USA.

It started with two products and six color options – Blush, Mustard, Olive, Navy, Slate and White. These proved to be the ideal foundation for their brand and the beginning of a journey that has seen the sisters become closer than ever, despite the (roughly) 9, 443 miles between them.

Mustard Made color swatch

The challenge

Mustard’s lockers were a hit. Soon they started appearing in gorgeous boutique shops and much-loved stores around the world. You can even find Mustard Made lockers in the USA.

But, in a retail space, lockers take up a lot of room. Far too much room to let stockists showcase the whole colorful range of products. This was going to make it much harder for customers to picture them in their homes and offices – and tougher for Mustard’s fun and playful personality to shine through.

Yellow mustard made locker

The solution

Becca looked to her past for inspiration. Before Mustard, she had run House of Bec – a handmade (and beautiful, of course) jewelry business. 

“I’ve been a MOO customer (and fan!) for years. Way back when, I fell in love with the Printfinity option – it’s so nice to have that flexibility even as a very small business. Being able to cut out the trickier parts of printing but still get beautiful custom quality results was such a win for me.”

That relationship with MOO, and clever use of Printfinity, continued with Mustard. Business Cards were used as info cards, showcasing the full range of colors and styles available. These are now sent out to every stockist so retailers can help their smitten customers to go home, measure up their space and feel 100% confident in their choice of Mustard Made locker. These printed pieces embody the Mustard aesthetic, with a matte finish and one (perfectly matched) color. 

We want everything our customers touch, feel and see to feel like ‘Mustard’

Mustard Made product cards

Becca: “We want everything our customers touch, feel and see to feel like ‘Mustard’. For us that is the ‘secret sauce’ (see what I did there!) to building a strong and memorable brand identity and experience.” 

With customers finding Mustard both online and in retail stores, building a connection with their audience has been vital. “Having considered ‘moments’ like our info cards or a postcard when we send a swatch makes all the difference,” says Becca.

Mustard locker with MOO postcards and business cards inside


Mustard’s range (and success) continues to grow. Now launched in America, Mustard’s retailer welcome packs and printed promotions are helping to ensure that a whole new audience can fall in love with their signature lockers and accessories.

Becca: “Our stockists love the info cards because they are compact, useful and give the customer something physical to take home so the product stays top of mind. It’s a nice little touch we offer them and we know they work because they keep asking for top-ups!”

Mustard Made print materials printed by MOO

With the brand rapidly expanding, Mustard decided to upgrade to MOO’s Business Advanced plan to support their growing needs. As Becca explained: “My journey with MOO has evolved over the years as Mustard has grown. Being able to print at small or large scale, with so many products and consistent quality means we are always finding new ways to incorporate MOO products into our business.”

Whenever a new stockist joins, a whole welcome pack now arrives that’s full of MOO goodies

Alongside info cards, Mustard now use MOO Postcards when sending out swatches, spare parts and for any gifts, promotions or PR campaigns. Square Stickers have been perfect for sticking on the color swatches so people can know the name of the color. In fact, whenever a new stockist joins, a whole welcome pack now arrives that’s full of MOO goodies.

Wire basket with Mustard Made print materialsinside

“My litmus test for designing print materials is always ‘would I stick this on my fridge?’’ says Becca. “I want our customers to pick up a postcard and feel like it’s something they want to keep. MOO helps us deliver that moment of connection.”

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