4 New Year’s resolutions your brand should make in 2018

New year, new…brand? Here are some resolution ideas so your business can shine even brighter in 2018.

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New year, new…brand? With all of that resolution-making going on, here are a few for your business in the new year.

Your company has transformed in the past 365 days. You’ve made new hires, learned from your mistakes, and made the planet a little bit better than it was before. So!  Before you jump into goal setting for the new year, take a moment to appreciate everything that you’ve already accomplished.

Now that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, let’s get down to business. It’s time to think about how your business can shine even brighter in 2018.

Give to Grow

It’s easy to pay it forward around the holidays. That’s why we challenge you to focus on social responsibility throughout the entire year. As we mention in this blog post, companies that give their staff time to volunteer don’t just improve their surrounding neighborhood–– they also create a community-oriented brand culture.

Yet regardless of the type of community service program you choose, it’s crucial that you commit. To make sure you stay true to your word, announce your new giveback policy in a company-wide email. Then, keep a tally of how many hours your staff have given back to the community. The program is much more likely to be successful if you make it a point of corporate pride. Bonus: your employees will be proud to work at a company that cares so much about its community.

Set the Bar for Self-Care

As one CEO says in an article for the Harvard Business Review, “Self-care is no longer a luxury; it’s part of the job.”

For 2018, resolve for your team to work hard and stay healthy. This means taking care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Since this idea is generally new in the business world, it’s your job as a leader to set the self-care standard.

This can look like taking a midday workout break, setting aside 5 minutes for meditation, or stretching regularly–– ideally all three. When you take care of yourself, you give others permission to do the same.

Figure out what reoccurring gatherings are unnecessary, and replace them with email check-ins.

Put Your Schedule on a Diet

Sure, meetings are necessary to keep business chugging along. However, a day that’s filled with check-ins will kill your productivity. To optimize your time, do a business-wide meeting audit. Figure out what reoccurring gatherings are unnecessary, and replace them with email check-ins.

Boom. Your calendar just got a whole lot more room.

Prioritize People

It’s easy to forget that companies are nothing without their community. That’s why it’s crucial for your employees to feel like they’re working towards a common goal–– and that starts with knowing each other’s names.

As your business grows, make sure to introduce new employees to the connectors within your company. Every addition to the team should know that they’re being cared for, and that their sense of belonging is paramount. This includes introducing the new members to folks from other departments and inviting everyone, regardless of position, to team outings. After all, new cross-office collaboration leads to the best ideas!

Have any goals for your company that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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