Ever experienced product envy? We try not to get jealous about the success of our own MOO collection, but when our Business Cards start getting cakes made for them, well, it makes you think doesn't it...

So, when baker-extraordinaire, Sarah Wilson of Hey Little Cupcake, made a beautifully-decorated and temptingly tasty cupcake to mark the second birthday of MOO's Business Cards, we had to ask ourselves - what have our cards got that we haven't?

As the subsequent list of attributes started to spiral out of control (and out of our favour!), we decided to shift focus onto Sarah, the crafter behind the confectionary.

Trained as a professional art director, Sarah's been a big fan of MOO for a while. She's used our products for a number of different business projects and for gifts for friends and family. Egged on by well-fed, cake-fuelled friends and fans, she decided to start up her own cake-making business and promptly used MOO to help her market and package her tasty treats...

"I'm a creative art director on the side (and full time before Hey Little Cupcake), so have always known about MOO and used all your products. My friends and family pushed me to start up Hey Little Cupcake! because I used to bake for them when they were feeling sad or low.

Since starting up, I've used MOO Business Cards, Stickers, MiniCards on the packaging and in the shop."

Selling online and also from a pop-up shop in Manchester city centre, Sarah's products have flown off the shelves - just like hot cakes!

Always amazed by the innovative ways different businesses adapt and customise our stuff to make it theirs, we love the unique way Sarah uses our Stickers on her cake boxes" (Try me warm", "Eat us within four days") to provide practical information for her clients.

She also uses them to brand her goods, showcasing her logo and sealing down her boxes at the same time. Small touches like these make her products look consistently on-brand, colourful, quirky and cool, and 100% hers.

We asked her why she decided to use Stickers, in particular, to decorate her packaging:

"They add to the whole Hey Little Cupcake design. MOO make it so easy to personal their products that's why I keep coming back."

"My customers love them, they see them as a very nice touch. MOO also fits in perfectly with my brand."

Design and branding clearly form a key part of Sarah's unique cake collection. From a coffee-infused NewYorker to a citrus-filled Sorrento sponge, many of her culinary creations are inspired by her travels around the globe and capture in cake form the essence of a city or country, in both flavour and appearance.

Produced for a client to mark the recent release of 'Sex and the City 2', Sarah's stylish set of four filmic cupcakes were finished off with a flourish of MOO products: info stickers, MiniCard tags and Business Card logo labels.

Along with the sheer indulgent perfection of her cakes - not to mention the overall melt-in-your-mouth yumminess - presentation plays a major part in defining her brand and encouraging total customer satisfaction.

"What I love most about my job is customers' reactions to the cakes and the packaging. It's a brilliant feeling!" says Sarah.

Spotting the creative potential behind our products, she's used Business Cards as logo labels, showcased her Business Cards at events using cute mini easels and encouraged her clients to use MiniCards as tasty bookmarks.

And the ideas just keep coming... Sarah's keen to see how she can use Postcards to support her branding and has some great ideas for creating personalised, birthday cupcake cards. Not only that, but she's currently working on a special spooky, sweet sensation for Halloween:

"The Halloween cakes are being developed as we speak. The recipe's top secret at the minute, but expect lots of devilish and gooey loveliness!"

A haunting thought. We're spellbound! Thanks for keeping us in the mix, Sarah.

Written on:
29 Oct 2014
Business Cards, Small Business, StickerBooks, Retail
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