Summer Breeze


You can't always rely on the weather to deliver the sunshine, so sometimes it's a good idea to carry a backup in your pocket. This design has all the brightness, warmth and joy of a day at the beach.

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This is a gloriously retro, flower power sort of a design, one that takes full advantage of deep pinks, purples, reds and oranges to create a pattern that is part beach towel, part ice-cream sundae and all summery and heart-warming. Use it to gather your friends together for an outing, or to show your own natural warmth to business contacts.

About the designer

Odd colorful shapes, quirky line, and a curtsy to the gods of Yin and Yang combine to form Jane's whimsical yet sophisticated style. Many themes parade through the studio. Favorites include: food and wine, the Arts, children's topics, flora, fauna, and social humor. Jane is a self-taught artist and works both digitally and traditionally in water media. She lives and works near Chicago, Illinois.

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