How to mark every milestone, from anniversaries to rebrands

Here’s how you can bring all those work occasions to life.

Posrcard being held by employee.

When you’re running a business, every day’s special. With new starters to welcome, promotions to shout about and happy birthdays to wish. And it all matters. So how do you celebrate every occasion properly? The good news is you don’t need to have a party every Monday morning. Instead, it’s about bringing the occasion to life through print and custom products. Here are some ideas to get you started…

For new starters

Employee with starter pack.

Even if you’re growing fast, with lots of people starting each week, remember: for those new employees, that first day’s a big deal. And that’s where a welcome pack comes in. It doesn’t have to be some big-budget extravaganza, but with a few well-chosen items you can make people feel, well, welcomed. So make the message the focus with a set of Postcards, or create more of a gift with a branded Water Bottle

For promotions

It’s never been easier to congratulate someone on their promotion, even if it’s just hitting a clapping emoji on a Slack post. It’s all good, but it’s also nice to have something physical in the mix. Something your new Head of Development can remember the day by. And as with a welcome pack, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated – simple is often best. Think a Luxe Postcard with a handwritten message, or a new deck of Business Cards.

For work anniversaries

Postcard on desk.

When someone’s been with you for a year, two years or more, you’re clearly on to a good thing. That’s why work anniversaries have become a “thing” in recent years. They’re a chance to recognize someone’s loyalty and dedication – two things that are definitely worth celebrating. The obvious way to go is with a custom Greeting Card. But the trick is to create something unique for each employee, with a design that’s personal to them. (Printfinity’s got you covered, here.)

For rebrands

Okay, here’s where you can go big. An opportunity to get everyone on board, to show them it’s more than just a nice logo. As a minimum, you’ll want to update all your existing print to make sure it’s on-brand and consistent (Business Cards are a good place to start). But it’s also about bringing the rebrand to life in more unexpected ways, with celebratory Notebooks and Stickers for everyone to share. 

For internal awards

Whether you’re celebrating the most sales or the cutest office dog, print can make that award feel special. All it takes are some framed certificates for the winners, Postcards in Envelopes for the nominees, and you’ve got a mini Oscars on your hands. It can be a big deal or as low-key as you like. Another tip: the textured paper of our Luxe range is perfect for those more prestigious occasions. 

With something new to celebrate every day, that might sound like a lot of print to design. Well, we’ve got good news for you. With a MOO business plan, our in-house team will be happy to design it all for you, from a set of Stickers to an anniversary edition Notebook. To get started, just fill in the form below.

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