January 25, 2017

How to supercharge your corporate business cards

Sure, your handshake might be how you make a first impression, but your corporate business card is the physical representation of your brand—and it’s one that people take away with them. That’s why it’s important to invest in well-made print materials. You don’t want to be remembered as the person from the company with flimsy cards, do you? Of course not.

Your card is your brand

The look and feel of your corporate business cards illustrates what kind of brand you are. Think about what card features communicate your brand values. Will rounded corners communicate sophistication? Are you an eco-friendly brand in need of some recycled-paper business cards? Or maybe premium-quality, extra-thick paper will show that your brand only invests in the best? These design decisions will not only help fine-tune your brand’s identity, but will help you look, feel, and be your best.

Customizable corporate cards

MOO corporate business cards are easily customizable for each of your employees. There may be many elements and departments in your business, which is why a customizable design template makes it easy to design and differentiate themselves within the business. For example, each department can be represented by a different color or image on the back, while the rest of the design stays the same. For a subtle flash of color to differentiate teams, our Luxe cards can be printed in a rainbow of color inseams.

Easy employee self-ordering

If you run a larger business, you can save a lot of time and effort by setting up a system for employees to personalize and order their own cards. With MOO Business Services, that’s easy to do. We offer a designated online platform for companies to upload their own design templates, with lockable elements to help keep a handle on brand identity. That way, employees simply log in, punch in their details, and place their order. (Or re-order, if they’re a networking superstar.)

MOO Business Services also gives your company a dedicated account manager. This business card champion can help with 24-hour turnaround, quick and easy edits to your design templates, and global delivery. In other words, they’re the perfect assistant for helping your brand look its best.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your brand the edge over the rest—amazing corporate business cards. Click here to find out more about MOO Business Services.


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