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5 ways to spring clean your business

Why do we clean in spring? We may never know––but might as well harness that energy. This spring, use that cleaning compulsion to make your office into tip-top shape.

Spring Cleaning in workspace

Spring has sprung! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and… you suddenly have the urge to clean everything in sight.

Why do we clean in spring? We may never know––but might as well harness that energy. Since you’re already in the mood to organize, it’s time to tackle the most crucial area of your life––your business. This spring, use that cleaning compulsion to make your office into tip-top shape:

Spring clean

1) Get real

Remember those New Year’s resolutions? It’s time to see how close you are to hitting the mark. Have a team meeting to celebrate the milestones that you’ve hit. (And readjust the goals that might seem unrealistic.) While that process might take more time now, making the changes will help you avoid some rough patches later in the year.

For some inspiration on how to keep this type of meeting short and sweet, click on over to this blog post.

2) Ask for tough love

You’re almost in H2, which means it’s the perfect moment to see how your key customers and partners feel about your performance. Encourage feedback by sending an an online survey to your email list with services like Survey Monkey. If you have thick skin, give bonus points for the most negative feedback. While it might hurt to receive, you can’t strengthen your weak points if you don’t know what they are!

3) Check in with the competition

Unless you’re some sort of magical unicorn, you have competition. Lots of it. In order to stay on top, you need to know how other businesses are positioning themselves in the market. Has anyone recently revamped their brand? Is there a hot new contender in the game? Write all of that up in an audit on industry trends, then analyze how your business can stand out and stay ahead.

4) Get unstuck

Did you know that between 40 and 60 percent of all work interactions involve the people who sit near your desk? That’s a ton of time! Use spring as an excuse to switch up office seating, make room for new ideas, and foster new bonds within the company. But before you go too crazy, take a tip from Entrepreneur and think about the type of company that you have. As writer Gwen Moran says, “If you have employees whose work requires privacy, such as a law or financial services firm, shifting to an all-open floor plan to encourage interaction could be counterproductive.”

5) Yeah, you know this one

Since you’re moving seats around, you must as well, you guessed it, actually clean. That includes getting your notebook organized and sorting this pile of Post-it notes, too.

To make things a little more interesting, use the moment as an opportunity for team bonding! Ask your staff how they’d like to improve the space, then order your supplies––including food––and get to work. Dancing to loud music and singing into mop handles is wholeheartedly encouraged. 

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