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The Photo Emporium was set up by Tyson Benton in the summer of 2010, due to a love of photography, and an unwillingness to go back to a desk job after motor-biking around South America. Now, The Photo Emporium is a favourite at parties (we’re huge fans!) where they set up a pop-up photo studios and allow guests to take photos using vintage styles and all manner of props. It’s a great party take-home and a brilliant way to break the ice. “We’re very proud of our photo booths,” Tyson tells us, “We had them designed ourselves and they are totally unique to us".

Photo Emporium in your pocket

With a variety of images being just one of their unique selling points, Printfinity and The Photo Emporium are a match made in print heaven. “Design and quality are important to us,” Tyson says. “Our business relies on providing great quality photos, so the fact we can demonstrate this using our business cards is really valuable. The ability to have a different photo on every card shows off our images to perfection". Plus, a pack of fifty only covers a small percentage of the fun box of vintage props on offer – the guests at the MOO Summer party will attest to that!

Here – take my card

The whole point of stand-out Business Cards is to make potential clients or contacts have a sense of who you are and what you do. And with their cards, The Photo Emporium can explain their business instantly – the idea of fun photos is right there on ever single image. “Our business cards are actually a really good way of describing what we do. And they're fun,” Tyson says. “Plus, it’s fun to let people chose which card they want. It is a good way for us to demonstrate the quality of our photos and all the different backdrops and props we can offer".

Written on:
25 Jul 2010
Business Services Ideas, Marketing, Business Cards
  • The Photo Emporium
  • The Photo Emporium
  • The Photo Emporium
  • The Photo Emporium
  • The Photo Emporium

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