Hold it!

Sandi Kern is an Etsy crafter who runs Beadz, Bagz & Baublez from her home in Ohio. She makes handmade, one of a kind, high quality, quilted or fully lined purses and accessories, such as…yes, you guessed it – contact card holders that are wonderfully compatible with MOO! She’s created several versions of cardholder – all beautiful, practical and above all, designed to get you noticed. Plus, she’s got some ideas about how to make them multi-faceted, not to mention fashionably stylish enough to be a talking point on their own.

What’s the hold up?

An expert crafter of handmade goods, Sandi is nothing if not an expert in getting noticed – down to the last little detail. She says, “During this digital age, a business card will never go out of style. Face to face networking is still very important and a business card is an essential tool and creative reminder of that initial meeting. Business cards should be more than just a name and phone number, it should reflect your personality. I think your business card case will have the same attention-getting design as your business cards.”

Can I put that on hold?

Originally, the MiniCards holder was deigned as a lip balm holder/key fob – but as it turns out, it holds 10 MiniCards comfortably as well. ”I wanted to put an end to the search for that small tube of lip balm at the very bottom of your purse, by keeping the lip balm at the end of your keys. Not only will the Lip Balm Cozi hold ten MOO MiniCards but it can also be used to transport a USB flash drive!” she says. Or, if you use Business Cards, there’s the the Biz Card Tetra - a unique tetrahedron shaped business card holder that makes a striking addition to your desk, shelf or display counter. “It’s also a great way to hold a recipe card while you are cooking or a fun way to display your photos.” Sandi says. Thanks for the tip!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Business Cards, MiniCards, Crafting
  • Beadz, Bagz, and Baublez

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