Meet Annemie Tonken

A wedding photographer based in North Carolina, Annemie has been a MOO Business Card customer for many years. She recently decided to give Luxe Business Cards a try - and we're so impressed with the results! "At big conferences and events, you can easily trade business cards with hundreds of people" she tells us "And when they're all jumbled in a pile at the end of the week, it can be hard to remember who they all come from, so the way I figure it: the more memorable the card, the better!"

Standing out (in a crowd of photographers)

Unlike a lot of photographers who showcase their work on their cards, Annemie went a totally different route to get herself noticed. "I was getting ready to head to WPPI, which is a huge, 16,000 plus photography conference in Vegas. My goals were to connect with other photographers in person and afterwards online. I wasn't necessarily trying to sell my services - just meet some new people and not get lost in the crowd - so I decided to make a card that reminded the recipient who I was, where we met, and how they could get in touch with me. As for not using my own photos? Well, it was a photography convention... I wanted to think outside the box."

Luxe branding

As an afficionado of print quality and paper weight, Annemie is a big fan of Luxe Business Cards - which makes us a big fan of Annemie. "My brand caters to a very tactile crowd that appreciates the beauty found in details, and I've spent a lot of time (and money!) creating packaging and print media that satisfy those leanings. Luxe gave me the option for a gorgeous, weighty card that exudes an air of luxury without breaking the budget. I'd love to create Luxe bag tags, and am planning to do personalised thank you cards for my clients with pictures from their sessions."

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Events, Marketing, Business Cards
  • Annemie Tonken

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