Comedy in 140 Characters

It’s always a delight for us to see our cards used in imaginative ways – especially ways that seamlessly tie the online and offline world together (something we’re rather fond of here!). So when we happened upon Allison Tanenhaus’ Twitter-inspired Word Art cards, it’s safe to say we were interested.   

Let’s start with a bit of background info: Allison is a Senior Writer/Editor at Northeastern University but took to Twitter a little over a year ago for more personal creative (and comedic) pursuits. “In addition to the coolness of connecting with hilariously clever people from all over the globe, I love having an outlet for my wordplay, witticisms, and obscure jokes,” said Allison. While she liked the social media platform, she realised how quickly her jokes got pushed down and buried in feeds, so she started looking for more permanent ways to reach people.

Guerilla ‘Carding’

Allison chose 50 of her favorite witticisms from her Twitter account that were “more philosophical and slogan-esque” and printed them on to Rounded Corner Business Cards. She then posted them up around her town as semi-guerilla art installation pieces. Cards ended up on street signs, in bushes, on brick walls and even adorning mailboxes, sometimes permanently - “I put one of my cards on a postal service relay box and the next day, it had been painted over! I like the idea of a little piece of my work always hidden in plain view.” She picked choice times, like art and music festivals, to leave her cards around – with the hope that people would read, laugh, and even take them home.

Each card features Allison’s Twitter handle beneath the quote and contact info on the back. The outcome was more than Allison could have hoped for – her Twitter following grew and strangers reached out to mention how much they loved her cards. “I’ve even had some people reach out on Twitter to propose collaborating on future street art projects.”

As for the future of her Word Art? Allison already has a new set of 50 Business Cards lined up for dispensing, plus plans to sell packs of them on Etsy. She’ll also be looking into greeting cards, postcards, t-shirts, and more forms of typographic treatments. You can stay updated by – surprise! – following her Twitter account.

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Written on:
11 Dec 2013
Business Cards, Printfinity
  • Allison's Art Cards
  • Allison's Art Cards
  • Allison's Art Cards
  • Allison's Art Cards
  • Allison's Art Cards

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