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Want people to give you a second look? This card will tilt them in your direction! It’s a case of ‘same but different’ – your name and contact details, but with the added intrigue of seeing you from a slightly different angle. (Which translates from a visual aesthetic into how they view you and your business in real life.)

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When I think about how to view briefs to keep them fresh, the recurring advice that comes to mind is the age old idea of seeing things from a different angle. Sometimes, you go all Dead Poet Society and jump up on a table. But I work in an office, so I chose a more low key approach. Sometime sa slight tilt has a huge impact (look at Pisa!).

About the designer

Matt Avery is a designer and art director who grew up in Essex, and now lives in East London. When not working at MOO you might find him playing music with the band 'Kindness', or trying to get his drum machines to work. He has a hatred of Croc shoes.

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