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Building a beautiful structure takes a lot of vision – which is why these 3D looking Business Cards are the perfect choice for architects who want to convey big ideas in a small space. Sharp, angular and thoroughly modern, you’ll instill confidence with every card.

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I like the idea that you can make something 2D look like it’s 3D just by using a layering technique. I’ve created two variants for this design - one full image upload with translucent box, one on a texture with bold coloured box. Since blueprints go from 2D to 3D, it’s quite cool that the box does both. It also adds a nice design detail, rather than just a full image upload slot.

About the designer

Stephen Turner is a graphic/product designer who grew up in Kent, and graduated from London's Brunel University with a BA in Industrial Design. Steve has a particular interest in brands, and loves everything minimal. When not at a computer, he’ll be playing sport (until injured, probably).

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