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Tech consultancies, startups, creative agencies, freelancers – the list goes on. This flexible, oh-so-modern business card design has a very ‘of the moment’ aesthetic that brings your business, whatever it may be, into the conversation.

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A few years ago there was a huge energy surrounding the surrounding the Shoreditch Roundabout when lots of startups (now successful businesses) were springing up. It was all bright colours and DIY simplicity and a sort of street-art-meets-minimalist-typography appeal. I love a design that’s pure typography; in this case it heroes Nuehas Grotesque which I love for no fuss business cards.

About the designer

Stephen Turner is a graphic/product designer who grew up in Kent, and graduated from London's Brunel University with a BA in Industrial Design. Steve has a particular interest in brands, and loves everything minimal. When not at a computer, he’ll be playing sport (until injured, probably).

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