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8 unmistakable signs you’re ready to hire your first employee

If you can relate to these 8 signs, you’re ready to go from one-man-band to two-person company. Find out if it’s time you hired some help for your business.

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Your one-person business is really taking off, and you’re super busy. Is it time to hire someone? If you recognize these scenarios, the answer’s yes…

1. You’ve taken business calls at the same time as answering business emails

You’ve discovered a higher-level form of multi-tasking you like to call “The Frantic Octopus”. We salute you! But remember, however efficient you are you’re only human. Your new employee can help you juggle everything – and more – without losing focus or compromising on your levels of service and speed.

2. Customers are emailing you to ask when you’re going to release your next products

Demand is a beautiful thing, although it may not feel like it when you have orders pouring in and requests for yet more items to be added to your store. It’s good news though – all those requests are going to turn into sales from repeat customers which will help pay your new employee’s wages.

3. You’ve worked til 2am more than 3 times this month

A good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic human need. You can manage lots of late nights in the short term, but over time it will take its toll on both you and your business if you’re not getting enough rest. Get an extra pair of hands on board and then get your head on that pillow at 9pm with a milky drink.

4. People act surprised when you tell them you’re the only staff member

If your business seems bigger than it is, turn that perception into a reality! You’ve built something with real credibility. Capitalize on it by hiring an employee to help you grow even more.

5. If you were your own employee, you’d demand a holiday

It’s a short hop from great work ethic to burning the candle at both ends. Try imagining a friend or loved one running your company instead of you. Are they overworked? Do they have time to themselves? Would you want them to have more time to relax?

6. You’re connected to your inbox like it’s part of your body

Even your time off doesn’t really feel like time off, because you’re always waiting for the next ‘ping’ from your smartphone. Sound familiar? A survey by Sage found that 26% of entrepreneurs check their email 36 times per hour. Yes: Per. Hour.

Trouble relaxing and switching off is a sure sign you need another trusted pair of hands to hold the fort sometimes.

7. The post office staff wonder where you are if you don’t turn up every day

If you spend a lot of time doing business chores like wrapping parcels or mailing out orders, weigh up how easy it would be to train someone else to do it. If over 50% of your work could be easily done by someone else, it’s time to delegate. Then you’ll be free to focus on higher-level tasks like marketing and budgeting (although you may still want to pick up the sticky tape sometimes).

8. You’ve missed a meeting with a supplier because you had to process orders

It’s not that it’s more important, it’s just more urgent. Steven Covey, author of the legendary Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, categorized tasks according to their importance and urgency. Naturally, things with both those things take priority – like orders for example. But you need time to handle the non-urgent things like business strategy and supplier relationships too. If urgent-and-important things like orders are overtaking your important-not-urgent things on a regular basis, you definitely need some help to restore the balance.

Welcome your new hire with their very own set of Luxe Business cards! Go on, they deserve it.

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