The girl who chased her dream

Like many people we often find ourselves daydreaming about where we’d be if we’d taken other paths in life. There’d certainly be a few more cupcake shop owners and astronauts about, that’s for sure.

As a London-based designer, Lola found herself daydreaming too - of creating a range of beautifully scented natural toiletries that nourished her delicate skin. Then one day she decided that dreaming wasn’t enough. So she packed up her things, and headed down to the picturesque Valley of Pheasants in Devon, where you’ll find her lovingly blending pure essential oils to create the indulgent body and bath products that are unique to her luxury skincare brand, Lola’s Apothecary.

The experience is everything

Beauty and grace are the very essence of Lola’s Apothecary, so she’s made this the focus of her branding. Every miniature sample bottle is labeled with a clean white MOO Sticker featuring a simple logo and the sample name. She also finishes off each tissue-wrapped product with a Sticker to give her customers a shopping experience that is as indulgent as her range. “Receiving one of our parcels should be a fabulous event,” she explains. “We pack each bundle with love to make our customers feel extra special, and include a MiniCard printed with a discount code as a thank you.”

She also pops a mini sample in with every order, along with an equally cute tea sample from the London Tea Club. “What could be more heavenly than a nice long soak in the bath and a soothing cup of speciality tea?” she asks. We think she has a point!

Luxury products, luxury design

Lola has found that MOO’s short print runs and Printfinity offering are perfect for her small but growing business, as they allow her to try out new design ideas without breaking the bank. And her Stickers and MiniCards have gone down so well with customers that she now plans to extend her stationery range. With luxury being the name of the game at Lola’s Apothecary, she is naturally drawn to our Luxe family of products and has her eye on some Luxe Letterhead and Notecards for handwritten notes to her VIP customers.

Most exciting of all are the Luxe Business Cards she has planned, featuring a bespoke pattern by her talented illustrator friend Deborah Ballinger. “I want to be rocking a cool name if I’m handing out business cards,” she says. “‘Queen of Roses’ is a particular favorite at the moment so that will definitely be going on my card.” We like your style, Lola!

Feeling inspired by Lola? Why not add a personal touch to your packaging with some branded Stickers? Click here to get going.

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
Stickers, Luxe Ideas, Printfinity
  • Lola's Apothecary
  • Lola's Apothecary

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