Meet Claire Phipps

Photographer, video game writer, and longtime dog lover Claire Phipps is a fan of Printfinity - and given her wide ranging interests, it's easy to understand why! She's a crafter as well, like so many of our most creative customers, and loves to customise her Greeting Cards by uploading pictures of her two rescue dogs, to send to family and friends. What a great way to say hello!

Canine Couture

Claire likes fashion - and so do her dogs! "Ziggy is a rescued ex-racing Greyhound and Hector is a Whippet; as both breeds are vulnerable to the cold, they often need layers to keep them warm in winter" Claire tells us. "And if you ever fancy a giggle, Google "Greyhound Pyjamas" and see what comes up! So, the idea for the festive costumes was originally a joke in response to friends and family always teasing me for "dressing up my dogs". The outfits were made-to-measure doggy jumpers, requested in "Christmas colours", with the shoot for Christmas Cards in mind.


In addition to making some of the cutest personalised Christmas Cards we've seen in ages, Claire re-used her Greeting Cards for a different purpose. A wheelchair user since birth, and a naturally active person, Claire needed to upgrade her wheelchair with an all-terrain Freewheel (which makes walking the dogs a real possibility!) - and they don't come cheap. So she sells her cute doggy Christmas Cards to raise the money - with Ziggy as Santa and Hector as Santa's Elf. Sorry to be soppy, but they're "wheely" cute!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Greeting Cards, Christmas
  • Claire Phipp

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