Cute Little Noses

Double-sided Business Cards

Here’s a good trick for vets – put images on your Business Cards so unbelievably cute and cuddly, your new clients will be climbing over themselves to hand over their beloved pets! Photos of cute little animal noses? Come on – who wouldn’t be won over?

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Really, it's all about the noses (and the occasional tongue)! The tight crops on these animals' noses and mouths was just a really simple idea to make the most of the reason we love our pets so much their faces are just so darn cute.

About the designer

Jonathan Howells is a senior designer and illustrator with over 20 years experience. He is the Creative Director of multi-disciplinary design office Dinnick & Howells, whose past clients include Levi Strauss, Glaxo Smith Kline and Lindt Chocolate. A self-confessed design geek, Jonathan runs a typography blog and is obsessed with endless possibilities of letterforms.

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