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Queer Brewing's Postcards.

Our favorite part of working at MOO is bringing brands to life through print. In this article,  we reveal how our Design Services team created a host of marketing materials for beer brand, Queer Brewing Ltd

We chatted with graphic designers Ellie, Cammie, and Production Supervisor, Matthew about how they worked with this exciting client. 

Design Services at MOO

Our team will go above and beyond to work with customers to ensure their designs are suited to them.

Our Design Services team brings your boldest branding dreams to life. The team is made up of production artists, and designers: all working together to answer your questions, help with creative requests, and design unique and editable templates, just for you. 

Matthew: “Often customers are happy with their brand, but don’t have the resources or skills themselves to develop new print products… that’s where we come in! 

We help our customers realize which MOO products work best for their brand, how their existing artwork can be tweaked to achieve the best outcome, and that we can surprise them with original designs they’d never considered”.

Cammie: “We are a team of talented designers focused on helping businesses add a creative touch. We specialize in refining your vision. Our team contributes to the production side, monitoring printing processes, identifying challenges, and editing designs to improve overall quality”.

Ellie: “Whether our customers operate in the real estate or the tech industry, our highly skilled design team is adaptable and ready to meet the unique requests of any sector”.

Design processes that actually work

Queer Brewing Postcards designed by our Design Services team.

At MOO, we recognize one size doesn’t fit all. And our team will go above and beyond to work with customers to ensure their designs are suited to them. With our customer, Queer Brewing, we had a blank canvas (every designer’s dream) and this is how the team approached it. 

Cammie: “We began with thorough research, immersing ourselves in Queer Brewing’s Instagram and reviewing every detail of their website. Having direct communication with them was a real treat.

We discovered a lack of print collateral, and flyers showcasing their work at busy events. Their love for playful and quirky designs sparked our creativity, leading us to choose Sticker designs that broke away from their usual Flyers and Postcards”.

Ellie: “We first had a chat with them about what products could give their business a boost. After that, we checked out their brand assets to make sure we had all our ducks in a row before diving into the fun part. We created a visual style board, pulling inspiration from various creative places.

In addition to creating the designs, we selected paper stocks, sizes, and finishes that would perfectly complement the product use case and brand. In particular, we agreed on using the Pearlescent paper stock for the company information flyer, as its sheen closely mirrors that found on their beer cans”.

Working together every step of the way

DS team together with Charlotte from Queer Brewing.

Design and branding is an evolving process, and at MOO we make sure that you’re happy with the final result. It’s an ongoing conversation, and we find that with many customers their templates and artwork will evolve as their brand grows. Whether it’s a new logo or font change – we help make that transition as smooth as possible. And our work with Queer Brewing was no exception. 

Cammie: “Countless ideas emerged during the creative process. We designed and presented a deck to them, showcasing our work. Real-time feedback from Queer Brewing was refreshing. Understanding their reasons for changes added valuable insight to our collaboration”.

Ellie: “Collaborating on design pieces presents the challenge of ensuring our work is harmonized and maintains a cohesive appearance as a set. Despite the hurdles of differing time zones, our team excels in communication, relying on tools like Zoom and Slack. I also got the chance to meet Charlotte face-to-face after all the designs were printed and seeing her positive reaction in person was a real highlight”.

“We believe in great design for everyone. Our designers are just as passionate about enriching and developing your brand as you’ll be… and I think that’s rather special.”

Matthew Dagless

While we’d normally communicate with our customers over email, we were lucky enough to be able to meet the Queer Brewing team in real life. (They even brought us some beer!).

Great design for everyone

MOO designed a whole suite of print for Queer Brewing.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a premium level of support for our clients. But what makes us different? 

Matthew: “We believe in great design for everyone. Our designers are just as passionate about enriching and developing your brand as you’ll be… and I think that’s rather special”.

Cammie: “We excel in personalized design services, paying attention to detail and adapting to each client’s unique vision. We keep it simple, client-focused, and creative, distinguishing ourselves in the market”.

Ellie: “As a team, we’ve established effective systems to seamlessly manage projects behind the scenes. We genuinely care about creating beautiful work for all our customers, regardless of the company’s size or industry and we always have a little fun along the way too”.

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