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We caught up with Venetia Berry to explore her love of pure line, how she’s challenging the male gaze, and the process behind planning her first solo exhibition >>


“We’re so much more than our bodies”: How Venetia Berry is reclaiming the female form

Beginning her artistic journey with a passion for portraiture, London-based artist Venetia Berry...

6 min read

‘Create a self portrait using Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020’: The winners

The Pantone Color of the Year announcement is always a hotly-anticipated date in the design...

6 min read

How Startup Guide empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs

The world of work is always evolving. As a startup founder, it’s important to keep up with the...

6 min read

How Warner Music use Colour Cues cards to connect creatively with clients

When it comes to helping their clients find a track to suit their project, Warner Music have...

3 min read

Charlie Gould: a poster boy for print

Illustrator Charlie Gould tells MOO how he weaves a love of B-movies, printmaking, and American...

4 min read

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