Orange Crush


Add a ray of sunshine to your day, and then add several more! Whether you're handing out appointment times at a busy spa or publicising a new juice bar, these radiant MiniCards positively glow with health.

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If you're in the business of human health or personal interaction, you'll need a MiniCard that can deliver warmth and confidence, and that's what these orange stripes are for. Whether it's because they are evocative of sunbeams, carrots or oranges themselves, these bright and glowing tones suggest nothing but dazzling health and positivity.

About the designer

COLOURLovers is a website run by Darius A Monsef IV. Visitors can find, rate, review and love colours in a mass of different variations. For MOO, they've created juicy stripes, in pure colours that look yummy at any size.

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