Julia Frenkle is the managing director and co-founder of Boston-based Opus Design. Their approach to design for their clients is creativity based upon carefully planned strategy. "Our process starts by understanding the underlying purpose and business goals of your project, then continues with identifying constraints that will define its success." Oh, and they also like to make MOO cards for their clients – so they're definitely our kind of agency!

Who's the (Em)boss?

You'll have to excuse the pun – you know we can't help it. But far, far more impressive than our wordplay is the way that Opus have taken their business cards and customized them on a whole new level.

"We love the feel of MOO classic Business Cards." Julia says "And to take it one step further we added a custom emboss. We use a small hand embosser with our branded pattern that makes each card more tactile. We designed the card with this idea in mind, so there is enough open space to place the pattern in different positions and make each card unique.

"The best thing is that we can use the embosser on other items like letters and envelopes and make them match our MOO cards. A traditional emboss is expensive and only gets applied to that one print run you buy it for. We can use our hand embosser for anything on the fly – and our clients love it."

Brochure in a box

But it doesn't stop with embossing with Opus – they've worked out how to harness MOO for their clients advantage as well. "We always wanted to make a brochure for potential clients (so we don't have to leave samples with them) but a traditional brochure seems a little boring. So we created a set of cards to show examples of our design work. The outside of the box has a MOO round sticker with our logo and inside there are 4 cards with short messages about our offering (the first one with an emboss), and then a bunch of cards with samples of our work.

One advantage of the MOO box is that clients can share specific project cards with other people. For example, they could share the website design sample card with a colleague who is looking for a web designer. The backs of our cards have our contact info, so they have everything they need to get in touch with us even if the cards get separated. 
We do a lot of work with MIT, Harvard and Northeastern University so we specifically targeted academic institutions around Boston. Only a couple of weeks later we were excited to add Boston University to our client list!"'

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