Peskimo Critters


A MiniCard set from Peskimo designs that's as colourful as it is charming. It takes a lot of graphical skill to make ghosts, custard beasties, rainbow monsters and a contented thumb look this cute.

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Due to the extreme adorability of these designs from the Peskimo illustrators, it's advisable to consider using them when you have a certain - probably younger - audience in mind. For example, they make great birthday party reminders, striking gift tags, and as hang tags on youth clothing, they give a real spark of wildness and creative freedom to your shop.

About the designer

'Peskimo' is actually a pair or monster-loving artists, also known as David and Jodie. They've illustrated and animated their colourful creations all over the world - to wide acclaim. When not strong-armed into working to other people's deadlines, they like to create their own prints, toys and art.

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