Laszlito Kovacs


A whole zooful of MiniCard animals to keep in your pocket, and with no nasty odours! Laszlito's wild animals are part silhouette, part abstract pattern, but real enough to want to see in their natural habitat.

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The trick with caricaturing is capturing the spirit of a thing, using grotesquely distorted shapes. Here Laszlito Kovacs has roamed the savannah with a spirit gun, bagging some really big game. And the resulting MiniCards can be put to all sorts of uses, from business cards for pet suppliers to appointment reminders for vets.

About the designer

Laszlito Kovacs, lives and works in the North of Spain, South of Europe. His colourful and optimistic illustrations have been published on main leading magazines in Spain, like "el País" "El Mundo" or "Club Cultura" among others. Laszlito draws like a monkey all day long. He found his inspiration in Michel Gondry movies, candyfloss, music, deers, whales and penguins his friends and family. And all the things who made this world better and sweet.

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