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Business Cards with logos we love

We spoke to six brands making waves in Business Card design.

TF creative business cards laid flat on table.

There’s something really special about a well-designed Business Card. It’s more than just a way to share contact information – it’s a powerful tool to make a memorable first impression. And choosing the right size, color and placement of your Business Card logo can make all the difference to the final design.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your own Business Card design or simply share our passion for beautiful products. Here are six Business Cards with logos we love (and the brands behind them).

Five Creative

FiveCreative's Business Cards featuring their logo.

Let’s dive straight in with Five Creative, a Californian design studio. We chatted to Ron Nikkel about how powerful great design can be and how it emotionally connect people with brands.

The team at Five Creative hold a deep appreciation for tangible design experiences. There’s something about a design you can touch and feel, and it perfectly conveys their business’s design philosophy. 

Ron explained “The concept behind our logo was to visually simplify the number five to its most essential elements while ensuring it remains identifiable.” 

“Great design should show no signs of effort.”

Our Printfinity service allowed for every team member to choose their own card color, adding a unique touch and offering room for personal expression. Ron’s team chose our Luxe paper for their Business Cards because of its sturdy thickness and texture. “The uncoated texture allows the ink to merge with the paper, rather than merely sitting on top – a minute detail we find fascinating,” he said.

His advice for anyone looking to create their own business cards is to keep it simple. “Great design should show no signs of effort,” he added.


Dasha's hand showcasing her Spot Gloss Business Cards.

Up next we have Dasha Design.Co, a branding and design agency owned by Darena. For her, creating unique Business Cards is an opportunity to showcase her creativity and skills to potential clients. She told us “I started creating Business Cards because I love the idea of putting a creative twist on something that is so common and well-known”.

Darena’s Business Card design is centered around the logo, which is accentuated with Spot Gloss. The rounded corners give the cards a more premium look. “I LOVE the spot gloss effect, especially in the natural sunlight, they’re so eye-catching and dreamy,” she added.

Most of Darena’s inspiration comes from scrolling on Pinterest, or traveling to new cities and taking pictures of amazing logos and brands she stumbles upon.

TF Event Co

TF Event Business Cards in different colors thanks to Printfinity.

Next up on Business Cards with logos we love, we have TF Event Co. Site operations experts who build custom events designed with intention. Their Brand Manager, Crystal, shared some insights on how integral their Rounded Corner Business Cards are to their operations. 

“They are an extension of your brand. We wanted to feature as many of our brand elements and colors as possible. We are event professionals but we also love to have fun while doing it. Our Business Cards seek to conjure a sense of playfulness while adhering to the brand” Crystal said. 

“Don’t be afraid to play with colors, typography, and feature brand elements in new ways.”

But the TF Event Co. logo is way more than a mere design. It embodies their team and the diversity they embrace. “It was important that our logo was made up of both a wordmark and picture icon, and able to be displayed both horizontally and vertically for added variation”.

When asked how to go about designing new Business Cards, Crystal advised; “Don’t be afraid to play with colors, typography, and feature brand elements in new ways.”

Caroline Bleux Photography

Caroline's Business Card resting against a pile of Business Cards.

Caroline Bleux is a luxury event and fashion photographer based in Paris. “My business thrives on word of mouth and networking at events. What better way to make an impression than with my stylish MOO Business Cards? They allow me to stay connected with the fantastic people I meet,” she told us. 

Caroline’s Business Cards are simple, sporting a logo that only carries her name and profession. The design is a subtle nod to camera viewfinder frames. The backside of her card changes to showcase a range of her work, acting as a mini portfolio.

Caroline decided on yellow Luxe paper to make her cards feel extra premium and chic. We love their simplicity and elegance!

St Kilda Cafe and Bakery

Square Business Cards in Blue, light blue, green, white and beige.

Feeling hungry? Look no further than this delicious design for St Kilda Cafe & Bakery’s Business Cards. This cafe (known for Australian-style coffee and baked goods) chose Square Business Cards as a tangible way to spread the word about their exciting new venture. 

The square shape complements their brand mark logo beautifully. And by using Printfinity it allowed them to make every card a one-of-a-kind piece. “Being able to create a multi-color pack of Business Cards was appealing to me too – each card was unique when handing them out,” said Whitney, the co-owner.

Fontana coaching

Business Cards with Gold Foil logo being held by person.

Francine, from Fontana Coaching, empowers her clients to remember who they are, unlock their true potential and achieve success. Francine came to MOO looking to re-design her Business Cards in order to better represent her brand and connect with more people. Using Printfinity she was able to incorporate all her brand colors and make each card unique.

Her Business Cards were designed to be elegant and luxurious, using soft touch paper and Gold Foil. ”I wanted my logo to be simple and uncomplicated. I grew up loving beautiful stationery paper and my friend and I exchanged letters. The script font in the logo evokes the essence of a personal, handwritten signature—a reminder of the profound warmth of human connection.”

Creating Business Cards with logos is easy when you know how. And at MOO, we really DO know how. So much so, that the New York Times Wirecutter recently featured us as ‘their pick’ for the best business card printing service

“MOO delivers the best-looking, most premium-feeling business card you can buy online, an impressive memento for your brand.”

The New York Times – Wirecutter

Ready to get started with MOO cards? Discover our range here, or better yet fill in our short form below and our team will be in touch to help bring your project to life.

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