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Slate counters, marble accents, copper details – what materials add to your dining experience? This template is inspired by design accents found in the world’s coolest bars and restaurants.

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For this design, I was inspired by the stylish materials you find in contemporary bars and trendy restaurants, like finished wood, copper, and marble. You can choose one that matches the design of your own restaurant, or print them all for a varied look - if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

About the designer

An Englishman in Boston, MOO Middleweight Designer Adam Dudd recently hopped across the pond from MOO HQ in London to help grow MOO's design team in the US. Prior to MOO, Adam spent his time crafting beautiful pieces of communication for the Tate, and his design style is bold, simple and witty. When he's not mouse-in-hand he's most likely trying to decipher baseball statistics or sampling one of Uncle Sam's many craft beers.

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