April 1, 2008

Sneaky peak of MOO's latest product: The MightyCard

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but at last we’re extremely excited to be able to show you a sneaky peak of our latest product. Still in development (but almost there), it’s called The MightyCard.

Since the launch of the MiniCard, many of our customers have said ‘They’re great – great quality, great options, but… so Mini! I need something bigger to really impress my business clients. I feel inadequate handing over such a small card. What does it say about me? Small company, small pockets, small… I just need for something bigger.’

The MightyCard is the ideal solution. Here’s Richard Moross, our CEO on the way to a meeting. It’s an important meeting – he needs to make a good impression, so it’s the perfect chance to test The MightyCard. You can see that it’s a great advertisment for his company – even before he’s got to the meeting. Other business cards waste time in your pocket or bag. They might look pretty, but who would know?

Here’s Richard hailing cab – and The MightyCard is still making a Mighty noise. Unlike most business cards, it just never stops working.

And finally, here’s Richard at the meeting. The MightyCard really seems to have an impact. We’ve actually found people are in awe of The MightyCard – sometimes they feel a bit embarrassed handing over their regular sized cards – because, frankly, they just don’t match up.

We’re planning on selling these in batches of 50, and, like the MiniCard you’ll have the option of a different image on each one. When you make your cards, we’ve added extra functionality – enabling you to add a larger version of your company logo to the reverse. (What company doesn’t need to make their logo bigger!)

We hope you’re as excited about The MightyCard as we are – we’ll give you more updates as soon as we can, so watch this space.

And thanks to everyone who has offered their feedback so far, your comments are really helping us to make something – well… Mighty!


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